Cold-formed Steel Truss System

Alpine TrusSteel

TrusSteel is a roof and floor truss framing solution integrating symmetrical components, hardware, and software in a unique, engineered system. It provides the most flexible solution available to building owners, designers, and contractors. Dedicated UL listings maximize assembly efficiencies based on rating. In addition, a nationwide network of authorized fabricators provides a quality prefabricated system wherever it is needed, along with industry-leading engineering and support. Visit to download the comprehensive Truss Design Manual.


Rated Base Reveal


Flush or recessed base board requires an additional layer of drywall which will increase the width of the wall. CEMCO FAS-RBR (Rated Base Reveal) eliminates the requirement for an additional layer of drywall and still maintains the fire rating.

Benefits include:

  • Allows the door throat size to maintain the same width as a standard 1-hour wall of single layer drywall on each side
  • Will save labor and material costs of the second layer of drywall required by the traditional method in order to maintain fire ratings 
  • Has a manufactured J-Bead as part of the profile for ease of drywall installation and is ready to receive joint compound
  • Can be manufactured in custom sizes for various recessed options and widths

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Special Veneer Finish

MiTek Industries / Aegis Metal Framing

Ultra-Span is one of the most widely used pre-fabricated, cold formed steel products on the market. Aegis provides the widest range of profiles to ensure a cost effective solution—from the smallest mansard trusses to clear spans in excess of 80 feet. Benefits of the Ultra-Span system include:

  • 100 percent non-combustible
  • Widest range of profiles ensure the most cost-effective solution
  • Complete line of connectors, clips and installation products
  • Supported by state-of-the-art estimating and design software
  • Distributed via nation-wide network of authorized Aegis fabricators
  • Complete truss system engineering, including all bracing, connections, and installation documents
  • Multiple UL assemblies available
  • Assists towards LEED certification


Decorative Flexible Framing System

Flex-Ability Concepts

While Flex-C Trac has become a benchmark product for framing curves, its offspring has not been as widely known. Even while living in the shadows of framing masterpieces of his big brother, Flex-C Angle has been shaping its own place in architectural history and edifices. Flex-C Angle is used in many of the more spectacular and eye-catching features, and in these, is actually performing amazingly efficiently. When a curved soffit has an exterior curved corner, where two perpendicular framing components meet, Flex-C Angle is just the product for the job. So remember, for walls, Flex-C Trac, for soffits Flex-C Angle.

The line is available in both 20 and 16 gauge. For more information, visit