Publisher Jill Bloom sat down with dynamic community builder and unconventional problem solver Melissa Chapman and discussed how she ended up in this industry. What started with responding to a Help Wanted Ad in a newspaper one day led Chapman to co-found The GLO Group, a marketing firm that helps companies capitalize on what makes them different. Throughout the last 20 years, Chapman has observed what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing. And through a holistic approach and The GLO Group’s 35+ years of experience in the building materials industry, The GLO Group helps businesses bridge the gap between what they perceives themselves to be and what the public perceives them to be. 

In this video, Chapman discusses what marketing pitfalls she has observed over the years, the GLOffect Method (what it is and how it allows her and her partner to decipher what each brand’s advantages are), and how owning the things that make you unique as a business may be your best shot at meeting your marketing needs. 

Chapman takes this time to share some marketing must-haves and must-nots, some of the things she has seen contractors get wrong over the years when it comes to marketing and branding, and what one business implemented over the last 18 months that completely reshaped the way it approached its clients. 

You can watch this video or listen to the podcast on your way to work.