Since taking the reins of Trim-Tex from his father in 1989, Joe Koenig has learned a thing or two about this industry. Neither Koenig nor his father, an immigrant from Yugoslavia with an entrepreneurial mindset who invented the vinyl cornerbead, obtained a college education. However, according to Koenig, he pretty much has a doctorate in Trim-Tex. 

Trim-Tex was Koenig’s fathers third go at starting a business. He started in the awning business, then moved to the siding business, until eventually he landed on Trim-Tex. 

Koenig started to help his father when he was in his early teens. He remembers cutting samples, packing up a thousand boxes filled with samples and brochures and mailing them out, trying to get leads, anything he could do to help. And through all of that hard work, Trim-Tex began evolving into what it is today.

W&C Publisher Jill Bloom and Associate Editor Hannah Belloli got a chance to talk with the CEO of Trim-Tex, Joe Koenig. He discussed his start in the industry, how Trim-Tex has adapted over the years, women in the construction industry, how college isn’t always needed, and more. Koenig also talks about Trim-Tex’s long standing tradition of drag racing dating back to 1999. And though his wife isn’t extremely happy about the fact that Koenig still goes drag racing, he just can’t keep himself away!  

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