W&C caught up with Director of Word Wide Sales at Plastic Components, Herman Guevara. Herman takes us through his journey starting with his hometown in Grosse Pointe Michigan. He went on to obtain a degree in business from the University of Michigan and then obtained a Master’s from Thunderbird out of Glendale Arizona.

But he didn’t stop there. Guevara has been all around the world doing work for this industry. Working in building materials, directing sales and marketing, and running Caribbean manufacturing branches. Being bilingual, Herman’s whole career has been based around language, exposing him to many different cultures and languages. “Once you are exposed to many different cultures and languages, it opens you up to be more open-minded and able to do business anywhere in the world,” he tellsW&CPublisher Jill Bloom and Editor John Wyatt during this interview.

Guevara also talks job opportunities in the trades, sales with Plastic Components and how his journey throughout this industry has landed him where he is today.

There are many things that make Herman Guevara an Industry Influencer. The best way to find out is by watching this video. Or, perhaps you want to listen to the podcasthere.