JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company announces that a new job site is now live within the “Access Your World” virtual experience. This third virtual environment features finish and maintenance work taking place within an office environment. It includes a wide range of content on JLG products, including low-level access, scissor lifts, atrium lifts and the JLG Augmented Reality App, for site visitors to navigate — at any time, from anywhere, at each individual user’s own pace.

“As 9-5 workdays have become a thing of the past, flexible hour engagement is increasingly common,” says Jennifer Stiansen, director of marketing for JLG. “That’s why the ‘Access Your World’ experience provides participants with the ability to experience JLG when and where they want, regardless of time zone. This gives each user the ability to explore what is of greatest interest and of greatest benefit to their business, on demand.”

She adds: “The flexibility of this environment supports the needs of a multitude of customers and puts them in charge of what they consume, when they consume it and how they’d like to experience JLG products and services.”

The first scenario highlights construction tasks on the outside of a stadium, such as site preparation and steel erection work, while the second environment focuses on truss, fit out and finish work inside the stadium. All three scenarios are designed to illustrate multiple stages of construction and demonstrate the work being done by JLG products, including featured products like the new JLG 1075 telehandler and the industry first fully electric AE1932 DaVinci scissor lift.

In addition to showcasing the three virtual job site scenarios, participants can also access a variety of product content from within environment, including videos, spec sheets, 3D schematics and brochures, as well as resources such as JLG’s #DirectAccess, JLG Financial, JLG Gear, the JLG dealer locator, Online Express and JLG University.

“’Access Your World’ is really an educational environment,” says Stiansen. “It allows users to experience JLG products in a variety of job site environments to better understand specific applications and uses of the equipment. And, we have designed it so participants can visit and revisit as necessary to continue to advance their product knowledge.”