Project Summary

The luxury boutique property focuses on increasing guest comfort. One key area for the Inn is increasing privacy and reducing sound transfer between the guest rooms. The owners discovered a sound reducing drywall to be a cost-effective solution with performance that exceeded expectations.

About The Mayton Inn

Located in the heart of downtown Cary, NC, The Mayton Inn offers the amenities of a first-class hotel with the intimacy of a Bed & Breakfast. Each guest room or suite has a distinctive character from Classic to Art Deco styling. The hotel is committed to environmentally responsible building and living from the efficient bathroom fixtures to a fully integrated energy management system in the guest rooms.

The Challenge

Owners Colin and Deanna Crossman were focused on providing a quiet experience for their guests. “The single most pervasive complaint of any guest, from the B&B goer to the chain loyalist is that they hear guests around them or in the hallway,” said Deanna. As such, they focused a lot of energy on design and implementation of sound-abating strategies in the guest rooms. They were looking for a cost-effective solution that would provide the acoustic performance they needed.

The Solution

The Crossmans used a sound reducing drywall on all guest floors—in guest rooms and their bathrooms. “Our architect suggested several options for sound control,” said Colin. “We decided on QuietRock since it gave us a great STC rating at a reasonable cost.”

The wall assembly included a layer of the drywall on one side with one or two layers of gypsum wallboard on the other on light gauge steel framing. Using a thin wall design helped to maximize their floor space.

The Results – Shockingly Quiet

“We were targeting an STC of 62-65 in the guest rooms and the performance exceeded our expectations,” Deanna says. “We found the drywall to be a cost-effective part of our strategy—the perfect balance between material cost vs. the labor savings in installation.” Colin added that the guest rooms are shockingly quiet—almost too quiet. In fact, the owners introduced ambient sound with a sound masking system since they were afraid that the rooms were too quiet.

Guests appreciate the peacefulness The Mayton Inn has to offer. A ‘gem of a hotel,’ according to one Trip Advisor review, that noted the hotel is superior to most they had used in the last 20 years. “There was no noise from other rooms or outside the hotel, even though the hotel is located in the middle of downtown Cary.”

Mayton Inn

Cary, North Carolina

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