As building code requirements continue to get more stringent, choosing the right cement board can be a key decision for the success of your project. The PermaBASE® family of cement board products provides excellent performance for both interior and exterior projects during installation and finishing and continues to perform long-term. This saves you time and money, reduces callbacks, and can be a game changer for your business. 

Provided by National Gypsum Company, PermaBASE building products offer benefits beyond critical moisture resistance and durability, with innovative features to increase thermal efficiency, reduce labor costs and shorten construction schedules, so you can finish your build and move on to the next job with confidence and peace of mind.

Solutions for a Variety of Needs

PermaBASE cement board is a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, polystyrene aggregate and glass mesh that provides an exceptionally hard, easy-to-cut, durable surface for multiple applications, including stucco, thin brick, tile and stone.

And because there are many variables to consider in design and application when choosing a cement board, PermaBASE Building Products offers the industry’s largest variety of cement boards, each with innovations to meet project needs for finish applications, design preferences, building requirements and even geographic locations. They are:

  • PermaBASE® Cement Board – the board that set the industry standard
  • PermaBASE CI™ Insulated Cement Board – includes insulation to improve energy efficiency
  • PermaBASE® Foam Tile Backer – ultra lightweight for tile applications
  • PermaBASE PLUS® – 15% lighter weight than other cement boards
  • PermaBASE UltraBacker® Cement Board – excellent rigidity and lowest water absorption
  • PermaBASE WP® Waterproof Cement Board – includes a waterproof core for wet area applications

Moisture Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to any building project, and PermaBASE cement board will not rot, disintegrate, or swell when exposed to water. Built for the long run, it has achieved the industry’s lowest water-absorption rating (ASTM C473), and the highest possible score on mold resistance tests (ASTM D3273 and ASTM G21).

In addition to innovative moisture-resistant features, PermaBASE products have other key safety and health features: All are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions and improved indoor air quality, and several have UL fire ratings, NFPA 285 approvals and are approved for noncombustible construction. 

Innovation in Installation and Efficiency

Designed to be lightweight and cut cleanly and easily, PermaBASE boards also have EdgeTech® reinforced edges, which reduce damage from handling and allow fasteners to be installed closer to the edges without fracturing. And once installed, PermaBASE can be prepped and finished the same day, which shaves multiple days off most project schedules.

Another key time saver and innovative feature, PermaBASE CI Insulated Cement Board was designed to meet increasingly stringent code requirements for thermal efficiency without adding installation steps. PermaBASE CI combines the strength and benefits of PermaBASE cement board with rigid insulation to create an ideal substrate for exterior finishes that meet or exceed most continuous insulation requirements. Because the insulation is already attached, labor costs and installation time are reduced significantly.

All of these innovations for handling and performance result in installation that is 35% faster than traditional methods, with additional savings in reduced labor and materials waste.

A Strong Base for Any Finish

A complement to its ease of installation, thermal innovations and durability, PermaBASE cement board offers extreme versatility. It allows for multiple applications on the same substrate, supporting any design – including the trending mixed-finish exterior designs in hospitality, restaurants, strip malls and low-rise commercial construction projects.

PermaBASE is durable, efficient and economical, giving you freedom to design and build with confidence that the result will provide excellent performance for the life of your project and beyond.