Employers, manufacturers, distributors, contractor services, and career seekers with entry-level to advanced experience are all invited to attend the 2022 Insulation Career Fair & Training Expo. HPIP is working with local workforce development entitities in Kansas City, Department of Labor, and building science specialists from all corners of the industry to provide this one-of-a-kind training event. Registration is now open and we look forward to seeing you in Kansas City!


Get ready to train and interview!

• Industry employers ready to interview and hire on the spot

• Hands-on installation training event

• Insulation and building science classroom education

• Live interview stations for insulation career job seekers?


Everyone's talking about it...let's help solve it! HPIP announced the first event of its kind for the insulation industry, and now it's time to register to reserve your spot. The 2022 Insulation Career Fair is our hands-on solution to help solve the labor crisis.

HPIP invites you to the insulation industry’s first-ever career fair. Our insulation credential is being utilized by job seekers and students in 27 cities across the US, but training isn’t enough. Now HPIP is working to place job seekers directly with insulation contractors.

Day 1 - April 29:
Educational Sessions & Career Fair with exhibits from insulation producers and other contractor services.

Day 2 - April 30:
Hands-on insulation systems and installation demonstrations provided by event partners and exhibitors.

Contact us to get involved today!