Estimating Edge announced that the company has been granted U.S. Patent No. 11,321,500 for Smart Takeoff Estimation Systems and Methods for VECTOR, a web-based 2-D quantity solution that extracts data from 3-D Models. VECTOR allows the user to automate the takeoff process and focus on the estimate, not the tedious work of measuring what’s already been counted, ultimately speeding up the takeoff process between 40 to 70 percent.

VECTOR is easy to use: Import a 3-D model and VECTOR will extract the quantities, filter the noise, verify the properties and finish with an automated 2-D takeoff. VECTOR leverages new technology without having to learn complex 3-D software. The estimator can easily automate quantities from 3-D models and detect design conflicts earlier in the process with new innovative features such as its groundbreaking intelligent 3-D viewer. Additionally, after validating the 3-D elements, VECTOR allows the estimator to finish takeoff in 2-D or simply use VECTOR with just 2-D plans. The solution is a next-gen takeoff solution that enables the estimator to work faster, using new innovative web-based technology. 

“Our mission at Estimating Edge is to develop and bring to market innovative, yet easy-to-use software for the industry. We are now thrilled to receive this patent and introduce VECTOR to the marketplace to help estimators and construction professionals simplify the estimating process and ultimately save time and money for the entire project.  It also allows them to work smarter, faster and build better,” said Adam Oaks, president of Estimating Edge. “VECTOR makes it easy to easily navigate the 3-D model, understand how it’s built, and then quickly identify additional materials and labor that you might have missed on 2-D plans. This truly a breakthrough patented technology  – it is a ‘new take’ on takeoff, allowing estimators to spend more time on estimating and less time on measure.”         

Its key features include:  

  • Automated Quantities from 3-D Models leverages new technology without having to learn complex 3-D software. With features like a next-gen 3-D viewer, estimators can identify design conflicts sooner
  • 2-D Quantity Takeoff. After validating the 3-D elements, finish the takeoff in 2-D or use this powerful solution with just 2-D plans
  • Web-Based that’s lightning-fast – it uses the latest technology
  • A central location for all plans and documents with cloud-based document management
  • Intelligent-advanced filtering and searching – quickly find specific details quickly and easily
  • Groundbreaking 3-D viewer synchronizes with the 2-D plan and helps identify design conflicts while estimating
  • Intelligent/Intuitive Assemblies with templates that can be saved & customized
  • Export or use Reports to share details with Accounting, the Field, Owners or General Contractors
  • Integration with The EDGE Estimator

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