Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent motion solutions, products and technologies for material handling, was recently awarded a patent for a slotted hook latch, which is used on the company’s Clevlok and Quick-Connect sling hooks. Protected by Patent No. 11,390,493, the slotted latch design allows for better seating of the latch in the hook to prevent disengagement or damage to the latch — ultimately keeping loads more secure, reducing the risk of damaged equipment and enhancing operator safety.

Another key feature of the latch design is a spring-biased safety latch that allows for easy installation of the latch onto the hook without spring tension, simplifying hook latch replacement in the field. This is useful on both new and existing equipment to comply with OSHA regulations regarding proper latch functionality.

“Latches are often difficult to assemble, requiring the alignment of multiple components and screw installation while under spring pressure,” said Troy Raines, Manager of Rigging and Chain Products. “This can result in tired hands, lost components and multiple attempts at assembly to get components in place. With the slotted latch design, Columbus McKinnon has made this installation process easier.”

Once the latch is assembled, a user can simply pivot it past the hook tip to the closed position and tighten the screw. When tightened, the screw head and nut center the latch in the hook and ensure the latch will not slip around the hook tip.

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