This wall and floor scanner features radar technology, which is accurate and reliable, indicating the correct material. The Bosch D-TECT200C 12V Max Wall/Floor Scanner delivers advanced precision. Not just a stud finder, it detects live and non-live cables, rebar, metal, plastic pipes and wooden studs, with depth indication of the object. It has leakage detection, which allows fast discovery of a leak. The scanner’s screenshot feature supports quick-and-easy documentation. It can be saved and transferred to a computer for further analysis. The product software can be updated remotely. The USB-C and SD card slot enables quick data transfer. The spot view delivers fast results and measurements in small places to scan (such as corners), and the scanner provides about a 7-1/2 In. measuring depth to detect even deep objects. The 3.5 In. color display provides clear readability, and the user interface is intuitive, providing clear illustration of detected objects. It runs on Bosch 12V Max Li-ion batteries for outstanding runtime.