After a comprehensive process that began in late 2021, the EIFS Industry Members Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the approval of a new strategic plan that will bolster the industry.

To help with the process, the Board worked with Daniel A. Varroney, a noted industry association author and head of Potomac Core Association Consulting. With over 30 years of experience in transforming trade associations across industries, Dan facilitated the insight-driven, six-month planning process.

The result is transformational. Representing EIFS since it was introduced in the U.S., EIMA spent its first 40 years largely as a technical trade association and developed technical, training, installation and design standards for use by architects, designers, code bodies and other technical associations.

Now that EIFS is an established, codified, tested and proven cladding system, the association will maintain its technical emphasis and broaden its scope to include all aspects of the industry’s value chain.

The new plan includes a foundational industry objective and three interrelated strategic initiatives. The Board also approved a new governance structure.

Board members unanimously support this new EIMA 2.0.

“The timing is just right,” said Steve Smithwick of Master Wall, Inc., EIMA's President. “With architects and designers seeking energy-efficient, architecturally-flexible products, there are great possibilities for our industry.”

“EIMA’s new plan is right in sync with what we do,” said Sereen Massoud, Member of the Board from Dow. “Construction materials need durability, water repellency and protection in large volume to face the forces of nature, and our products serve as crucial inputs to this industry.”

“This plan offers great possibilities for EIFS and EIMA, and I urge everyone involved in the industry to participate,” said Darryl Little, Board Member from Gypsum Management & Supply, Inc.

“I’d like to thank the aforementioned members as well as board representatives from Sika, Master Builders Solutions, Dryvit, Sto Corp, Saint-Gobain-Adfors and L&W Supply,” said Stephen Sears, EIMA CEO. “EIMA’s new vision is due to the members’ work and commitment. Our future is indeed bright.”