Campbell, California-based company Daley’s Drywall is the full package. The company performs and installs light-gauge steel framing, drywall, lath and plaster, EIFS, acoustical ceilings, siding and rough carpentry for commercial and multifamily residential projects in the Bay Area.

The company has a prefabrication facility in Stockton, Calif., for interior and exterior steel framing (load bearing and non-load bearing), as well as drywall shapes.

Next year, the company will celebrate its 60-year anniversary. What’s the secret to its success?

Well, according to its President/CFO Brittni Daley-Grishaeva, she got involved at a young age through her family. They were all involved in the business and she got to experience the industry through their eyes when she was growing up.

Has the company seen a lot of growth? “Yes, our annual growth has been significant,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “From 2011 to 2021, we’ve grown nearly 500 percent.”

She says this year had a slow start with regards to sales due to market uncertainty, but Daley’s Drywall is anticipating a busy 2023.

“The Bay Area construction market is very dynamic,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “We are currently seeing some major developments in the multifamily housing and high-rise markets, as well as in the technology sectors. We anticipate this continuing for a number of years and know that it will impact us as we continue to establish ourselves as experts in the industry.”




Exterior building

Challenges and Interests


Daley’s Drywall is involved with several associations, including:

  1. Association of General Contractors
  1. American Subcontractors Association
  1. Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry
  1. Construction Financial Management Association
  1. National Association of Women In Construction
  1. Wall And Ceiling Alliance

What is the most interesting aspect to this job for Daley-Grishaeva? “I love the daily challenges that come with being in the construction industry,” she says. “I think our industry is one of the most fun and the most rewarding—we are building buildings! I enjoy working with our clients, partners and employees to solve the tough problems and coming through it together and making our clients’ lives easier.”

On the flip side, the most challenging aspect of the job seems to be growth. “The hardest aspect of this job to me is to constantly challenge myself to grow to the next level in different aspects of my career, to best serve the company and the community,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “It’s easy to fall stagnant and get swept up in the day-to-day tasks that drown all of our ‘to-do’ lists and our inboxes. Sometimes it feels like it’s feast or famine. It takes great discipline to continue to mindfully make time to grow in new areas and constantly challenge oneself.”

“My long-term goals are to set up and influence the company’s culture, strategy and processes for success for years to come after I am gone,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “I want our company to have inherent systems that cascade throughout the organization to help support every employee here to be the best version of themselves, to be the most productive and most happy.”

Building exterior

Building progress

Exterior walls

Front entrance

Why does Daley-Grishaeva feel her company is among the best contractors in North America?

“We pride ourselves in being problem solvers,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “We find solutions to assist our clients and make their job easier. We do that by being experts in our trade and being open to new technologies and innovations.”

When hard times hit next, what will Daley’s Drywall do different? Daley-Grishaeva says the company will make the tough decisions sooner than later and leverage their resources to maximize productivity and still provide the quality and service its clients know.

“During a very competitive labor market, we have been able to retain our most talented employees,” Daley-Grishaeva says. “We do this by maintaining a great culture and caring for our employee’s personal development and supporting and helping them realize their goals.”

Project Notes

Finished building

  • Project: Gateway at Millbrae, Millbrae, Calif.
  • Owner: Gateway Millbrae Residential LLC
  • Architect: LPMD Architects
  • Contractor: Blach & Cahill Joint Venture

Daley’s Drywall was contracted to install steel framing, drywall, lath and plaster, and siding.

According to Daley-Grishaeva, it was a straightforward residential project with several exterior design details that were difficult to conceptualize. Daley’s Drywall helped the client work through some of these elements to create a more stable and durable solution.

The structural framing system was supplied by Prescient and the infill framing was manufactured by ClarkDietrich. USG Ecosmart Type X gypsum board was substituted for Type C board that had been discontinued.

“The ClarkDietrich V93 rated control joint saved us time on the control joints because we did not need additional drywall strips inside the cavity,” says Daley-Grishaeva. “Aerosmith pins were used (wherever possible), especially on the hat channel furring.”

PanelMax shapes were used at restroom niches, light-wells and window wraps.