BACnet International President and Managing Director Andy McMillan has authored the foreword for a new handbook published by Softdel. Titled “Digital Transformation Led Innovation in Smart Buildings,” the handbook covers how the BACnet protocol is driving this transformation in the buildings industry.

This new handbook outlines how BACnet has emerged as the leading global communication standard driving interoperability between a wide range of devices and equipment in modern buildings. It brings together current technical and applications understanding along with future trends for the first time. The handbook is a valuable resource for business and technical leaders to plan their product roadmaps and smart building infrastructure.

“Throughout its 25-year history, BACnet has served the community by enabling higher-performance buildings that improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and increase grid resilience,” said Andy McMillan on the launch of the BACnet Handbook. “BACnet has also served the community by accelerating innovation and creating new business opportunities. These benefits of BACnet are accelerating as the world moves forward with digital transformation in the built environment. Softdel’s BACnet Handbook will help you see more clearly how BACnet bridges IT and BAS, and it will provide you with some examples of BACnet supporting and enabling digital transformation.”

The handbook can be downloaded for free from Softdel here.