Makita, the innovation leader in cordless technology, has pushed cordless into new spaces with the announcement of Outdoor Adventure, a new range of cordless products for camping, hiking, fishing, tailgating and more.

The Power to Go Anywhere

Outdoor Adventure products feature a distinctive camo-green color inspired by outdoor environments. They operate within the existing Makita LXT System, giving users seamless compatibility and one system of cordless products for use at work, home and the outdoors.

“Makita cordless technology revolutionized construction job sites, and now Outdoor Adventure brings new levels of cordless performance for camping, hiking, fishing, tailgating and more,” said Brent Withey, vice president of brand marketing at Makita U.S.A., Inc.

“There is a greater appreciation of the outdoors as people are spending more time outside,” Withey continued. “At the same time, there are no battery-powered systems in the outdoor products category with the advanced technology and proven performance of LXT. With the new Outdoor Adventure, users now have the battery-powered products they can count on when they hit the open road. If you’re a pro contractor, a build-it-yourselfer or simply a lover of the great outdoors, Outdoor Adventure and LXT is the cordless system for you.”

Maximum Cordless Performance

Outdoor Adventure Products are powered by Makita 18V LXT batteries and feature the same advanced technology that powers Makita tools on commercial job sites, so users get the same maximum performance and efficiency for the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure launches with 16 battery-powered products, including a chain saw, inflator and wet-dry vacuum, as well as cordless lighting, fans, audio equipment, a coffee maker and more. The system will continue to expand with a range of new function-specific products on the way.

The following are the new Outdoor Adventure products announced for October 2022:

Work Lights and Flashlights

When the sun goes down, outdoor spaces need portable and powerful lighting. Outdoor Adventure work lights and flashlights bring reliable, long-lasting lighting to campsites, workspaces or wherever the road leads.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Cordless/Corded Work Light (ADML811) – With three mode settings and up to 3,000 lumens on high, the Outdoor Adventure Work Light is ideal for group campsites or nighttime tailgate parties. It has long run time: up to 11 hours of continuous illumination on a single charge of an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT L.E.D. Lantern/Flashlight (ADML807) – This efficient and versatile L.E.D. light has three different lighting modes and up to 23 hours of illumination on a single charge of an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery. Use the handy top-hook to hang on a branch or rope and get bright area lighting for your tent or camp kitchen.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT L.E.D. Flashlight/Spotlight (ADML812) – When things go bump in the night on the campsite, light up the perimeter with this powerful flashlight and spotlight. It illuminates up to 700 yards in spot and spot/flood mode, with up to 8.5 hours of continuous illumination in spot mode on a single charge of an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT L.E.D. Flashlight (ADML815) – The power and efficiency of L.E.D. meets easy portability with the ADML815 Flashlight. The high-luminance 4 L.E.D. provides 160 lumens and up to 45 hours of continuous illumination on a single charge of an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery.

Speaker and Radio

Outdoor Adventure offers two powerful and portable solutions that bring rich sound to campsites, tailgate parties and more. Both feature the convenience of Bluetooth.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Bluetooth Speaker (ADRM08) – Powerful and portable (only 7.2 pounds with battery), the Bluetooth Speaker delivers rich sound from a woofer and tweeter combo. Use the auxiliary port for MP3 compatibility or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. It’s water- and dust-resistant for improved operation outdoors.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Bluetooth Radio (ADRM06) – The versatile Bluetooth Radio delivers rich stereo sound from two powerful 3.5” side-firing speakers. The menu’s easy controls set FM mono/stereo, clock settings, volume and snooze. For users out of range of terrestrial radio or who prefer their own playlist, they can use the auxiliary port for MP3 compatibility or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Fans and Cordless Power Source

Bring cooling air to a tent, trailer or tailgate party with two Outdoor Adventure cordless fans. And use a Makita LXT battery to charge devices with the portable power source.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT 9” Fan (ADCF201Z) – This powerful fan combines efficient air movement with reduced wind noise for cooling air that doesn’t overpower the tranquil quiet of a campsite. The three-stage automatic timer lets users “set it and forget it.”
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT 9-1/4” Oscillating Fan (ADCF203Z) – Cool the inside of an RV or pop-up trailer with the efficient oscillation setting of this portable cordless fan. It also features reduced wind noise so you can focus on the cooling air and not the hum of a fan.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Cordless Power Source (ADAP05) – Mount the Outdoor Adventure Cordless Power Source on an 18V LXT battery and get portable charging power for up to two USB-compatible devices.


There’s no compressed air in the back country. For off-roaders, overlanders and campers alike, Outdoor Adventure has a portable solution for unexpected tire maintenance and inflation demands.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Tire Inflator (ADMP180) – With up to 120 PSI, this powerful and portable inflator conveniently fills tires on off-road vehicles, cars and light trucks. It’s also ideal for bike tires and air mattresses.

Chain Saw, Vacuum and Blower

Whether it’s trail-clearing and cutting firewood, or simply cleaning up an RV, tent or pop-up trailer, Outdoor Adventure is the solution. The new system includes a powerful chain saw for portable cutting, and a vacuum and blower for fast clean-ups.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Brushless 12” Top Handle Chain Saw (ADCU10) – Clear the trail ahead with this powerful top handle chain saw. From car camping to the back country, this cordless chain saw has the power of a 22cc gas chain saw, but without the hassles of gasoline.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Brushless Wet/Dry Vacuum (ADCV11) – Clean up dirt and liquids from a tent, car, van, canoe and more. It runs up to 60 minutes on a single charge of an 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery for reliable cleaning power when there’s no power source.
  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Blower (ADBU05) – When it’s time to break camp, don’t pack-out dirty gear. This cordless blower has up to 219 MPH of blowing force to quickly blow away dust and debris in a tent, camper or pop-up trailer.

Beverage Utility and Cooler

Coffee and cold beverages are mandatory for any road trip or tailgate party. Outdoor Adventure has solutions that keep them flowing, hot and cold.

  • Outdoor Adventure 18V LXT Coffee Maker (ADCM501Z) – It doesn’t get much better than fresh brewed coffee at sunrise on a campsite. The Outdoor Adventure Coffee Maker brews one 5-ounce cup of coffee in five minutes. The permanent drip filter requires no paper filters, so there’s less gear and trash to pack-in and pack-out.
  • Outdoor Adventure 36V (18V X2) LXT Hot Water Kettle (ADTK01Z) – COMING SOON
  • Outdoor Adventure Cooler and Warmer (ADWC01) – COMING SOON