Diablo Tools was named a top 10 finalist for the 2022 Merchandising Innovation Award from The Home Depot for the Demo Demon Spade Bit.

Competing with 40,000 products sold by The Home Depot, Diablo's Demo Demon Spade Bit was one of 10 finalists.

“Diablo is honored to be a finalist for the 2022 Merchandising Innovation Award by The Home Depot,” said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. “As a fifth-time top 10 finalist and two-time Innovation Award winner, we continue to be recognized by The Home Depot as dominating the market and changing the game with innovation and solution-oriented products with the vision to save the professional time and money. Through end user research, we learned of the issues facing the professional today that traditional spade bits simply cannot get the job done. Traditional spade bits are not durable, breaking when they hit a nail and causing the user to remove the spade bit and attach an auger bit, or keep burning out spade bits until they can make the intended hole, which ultimately leads to increased time and money. Users today want a superior solution that delivers on performance, durability and speed."