This Buzz Guide is updated every few months to reflect the current 2022 products.

The November Buzz Guide features products from a variety of brands in the construction industry, including selections from the following:

Fire Resistant Ceilings with Added STC/IIC Performance

Fire Resistant Ceilings with Added STC/IIC Performance
SOUND CURB® gypsum panels are ideal for ceiling applications in multifamily residential and commercial projects. The 3/4” panels are comprised of a proprietary high-density type X, fire resistant gypsum core where the primary objective is improved Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) performance. For more information, visit:

Super L Bead for Window Returns

A drywall finisher knows how complicated and messy finishing a drywall window return can be. But those in-the-know may be aware there’s a faster, easier way: just use Super L Bead to quickly finish window returns like a pro! PRC Taping shows you how here. For more information, visit:

VaproShield Compliant Solutions
Confused about solutions that comply with the updated IBC Code section 2510.6 changes? VaproShield offers multiple solutions that are 2510.6 compliant in all climate zones. Consider the all-in-one RainScreen™ SA WRB air barrier membrane with built in drainage matrix that maintains an unimpeded drainage plane behind a stucco façade. For more information, visit:

Switch to the Smarter Stick

Create perfect corners quickly and consistently. Introducing CertainTeed LEVELLINE® Outside 90 pre-cut drywall corner sticks. Forget sharp metal edges: the lightweight, impact-resistant polymer core won’t crack, dent, or rust. This more durable solution helps reduce callbacks, saving you time and money. Always make the smarter choice: installer-friendly LEVELLINE corner bead. For more information, visit:


Introducing FacadesXi, the newest name in EIFS and Stucco

FacadesXi produces fully tested and code compliant EIFS products, Stucco, Water Barrier Coatings, and Specialty Coatings. FacadesXi was formed to create best-in-class products, backed by industry veterans , and offering hands on expeditious project support and a modern advanced production facility. For more information, visit:

Tear it up installing SimpleSoffit® Drywall Framing with its bend, click, and hang factory-notched main beams. No more fooling around with jig tables and fabricating angles with clips or screws. Grab off-the-shelf prefabricated main beams, or order to fit your specs. Consistent angles, no screw ups – in a box. For more information, visit:
Fire Resistant Ceilings with Added STC/IIC Performance Think Wood’s Guide to Grain

Softwood species are strong, durable, easy to work with, and well-suited to interior and exterior uses. From cedar and pine to fir and spruce, learn how to choose the best species for different residential applications with our guide to the grain. For more information, visit:

Advanced Drywall Finishing Solutions Advanced Drywall Finishing Solutions

Now manufactured in San Antonio, TX by FaçadesXi. Available in many more markets with shorter lead times. The most advanced drywall finishing products in decades. Abuse resistant, cost effective, acrylic finishes. Including Armourfill- high build, tintable, spray applied, level 5 surfacer, or textured finish. Ask about Armourfill Spray Plaster System. For more information, visit:

Increase Jobsite Productivity Increase Jobsite Productivity

SENCO’s DURASPIN line of collated screwdrivers and attachments increase jobsite productivity, cutting drywall and metal framing installation time by 30%. With 130 different collated screws and 15 tool models, including integrated screwdrivers and attachments compatible with other popular brand screwdrivers, SENCO has the screw system to handle any job. For more information, visit: