JLG Industries, Inc. announced the release of its new case study, “JLG DaVinci Lift Proves Itself in Cold-Temperature Applications.” Recently, JLG partnered with Sunbelt Rentals to evaluate the industry’s first all-electric scissor lift’s performance in below-freezing conditions, and the results highlighted in the case study prove how far battery technology has advanced in the aerial industry. The case study is available for download on JLG #DirectAccess.

“Electric machine operation and productivity in conditions below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) have traditionally been a huge concern in cold-temperature applications, like in refrigerated food processing warehouses, cold storage facilities, vaccine laboratories or outdoors in the winter,” says Bob Begley, JLG’s director of product management for scissor, vertical and low-level access lifts. “That’s because working in these types of conditions can impact electric equipment performance, resulting in slow, sluggish functionality and reduced battery runtime by up to 50 percent, partly due to hydraulics and previous battery technology.”

Despite cold-weather performance concerns, electric scissor lifts are often needed on maintenance projects or construction job sites because of restrictions in certain work environments, like noise and air pollution requirements, that prevent the use of internal combustion (diesel, dual fuel or gas) machines. According to Begley, battery technology has significantly advanced in recent years, driving the industry towards more electrified products — including the advent of 100 percent, fully electric machines, like the JLG DaVinci AE1932 lift, with zero hydraulics to help eliminate job site leaks and zero emissions to help control job site pollution. It is purpose-built for applications where stringent environmental regulations must be met while offering consistent, ongoing productivity — even in the coldest conditions. “We had many assumptions about how the DaVinci lift would perform that we needed to test,” Begley says.

To find out, JLG and Sunbelt Rentals ran this revolutionary machine, with its innovative energy-efficient design and advanced battery system, through multiple duty cycles in below-freezing temperatures. This case study provides details about how the DaVinci lift performed in a harsh and cold working environment — an industrial freezer — and shares JLG’s and Sunbelt’s conclusions from the testing.

To download a free copy of the “JLG DaVinci Lift Proves Itself in Cold-Temperature Applications” case study, click here.