Drywall Framing System

Armstrong World Industries

SimpleSoffit Drywall Framing System is a prefabricated grid solution that provides a faster, easier, better way to build drywall soffits in complex and labor-intensive configurations. Custom-made main runners are produced with precision-made notches based on the framing dimensions and design specifications of each soffit project. Manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM standards and building codes, these pre-engineered solutions are available for any application, including light coves, perimeter pockets, and curved, boxed, and multi-step soffits. No jig time or fabrication is required. When the material arrives at the jobsite, the screwless, click-together modular framing easily folds into shape and installs twice as fast as traditional stud and track construction methods. To learn more, visit armstrongceilings.com/simplesoffit.

CGF Pro Continuous Wall Insulation

Continuous Wall Insulation

Atlas Roof and Wall Insulation

The CGF Pro Continuous Wall Insulation combines Class A fire performance, NFPA 285 compliances, and water and air barrier capabilities with the highest available R-value per inch on the market. The product comprises a Class A fire-rated closed-cell polyiso foam core faced with a high-performance coated glass facer on the front and back. One side of the product is dark gray for use in open joint rainscreen applications. It provides the highest R-value per inch of any insulation. This allows a thinner wall profile, which is an important consideration when designing with heavier claddings such as masonry, stucco, or metal. It is recommended for residential and commercial applications due to its Class A fire rating. For more information, visit atlasrwi.com/products.

18V REVOLVE 4000 Connected Green-Beam Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Green-beam Rotary Laser

Bosch Power Tools

The company’s 18V REVOLVE 4000 Connected Green-Beam Self-Leveling Rotary Laser (GRL4000-90CHVG) provides users with an experience during a range of heavy-duty tasks, the new laser features higher visibility up to four-times brighter than traditional red beams, extended leveling range, and additional ADS settings, ideal for varied work sites. The tool offers users the additional accuracy, precision, and customization to get the job done right. The company’s goal was to design a laser that could adapt to any jobsite condition, ensuring that professionals working on projects ranging from landscaping to framing and anything in between can have the leveling flexibility they need all in one product. This new green-beam laser is setting a high bar for other tools in this sector with its 4,000-foot measurement range, Dual axis Dial-In Slope and its easy user calibration (uCAL) capabilities, allowing for advanced real-time precision adjustments while on the job. Additional information is available online at bosch.com.

EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers

Drop Ceiling Grid Covers


EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers are now available in six colors, offering more options for renewing suspended ceiling T-bar grids quickly and cost-effectively. The covers are snap-on vinyl strips that cover stained, yellowed or damaged grids with a clean, new, durable satin surface that can update a tired ceiling at a fraction of the cost of painting or replacing the grids. The new colors Mist, Oat, Jasper, Garnet and Onyx join the popular White to provide tonal choices that will complement a wider range of ceiling colors than ever before. For more information, visit ceilume.com/ez-on

CT Shaft Wall Stud System

Shaft Wall Stud System


The company’s new CT Shaft Wall Stud System is an integral part of construction projects, and has been tested with most major drywall manufacturers, as well with ASTM, IBC, CBC, AISI, and ICC-ESR report 4934. The studs meet 2021 IBC/IRC per ICC-ESR 4934. The system is ideal for fire-rated shaft walls, stairwells and horizontal ceilings. The company has received confirmation from ICC’s Evaluation Service that its CT Shaft Wall studs are code compliant with the 2021 IBC/IRC. ICC-ESR 4943 is available for download at cemcosteel.com in the “Evaluation Reports” section. Available in the following configurations, CEMCO is ready to ship from all four facilities:

  • 2½ inch, 33 mil/40 ksi.
  • 4 inch, 33 mil/40 ksi and 43 mil/40 ksi.
  • 6 inch, 33 mil/40 ksi and 43 mil/40 ksi.
p>For more information, visitcemcosteel.com.

QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System

Drywall Grid System

CertainTeed Architectural 

The QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System is an innovative ceiling grid system that provides the industry’s longest unsupported spans for flat drywall. It’s engineered and designed for quick easy installation of spans for drywall ceilings in hallways and corridors. The system features a click-in design letting users know when the tee is locked in place, eliminating the need for screws, pop rivets, or crimpers. It also features the Support Clip, providing longer and stronger spans without the need for wires, giving users the strength and stability for seamless installations. For more information, visit certainteed.com/ceilings-and-walls/suspension-systems/products/quickspan-locking-drywall-grid-system.

Strait-Flex Edge-Tape

Diamond-punched Bead


The company creates clean, straight edges and uses half the compound compared to tear-off bead. The tape features a diamond-punched pattern for a superior bond, faster drying, with no rippling or blistering. The 100-foot roll can be installed without seams and is easily transported and stored. Use Edge-Tape around window returns, skylights, fiberglass tubs, and commercial top-out applications where concrete decking meets the drywall. It installs with all-purpose compound without the need for spray adhesive or fasteners. Finishers can apply compound, install the product and apply the fill coat in a single trip to the wall. For more information, visit clarkdietrich.com.

AMP advanced hybrid sealants

Advanced Modified Polymer Sealants


AMP advanced hybrid sealants offer a wide variety of project and application solutions. Developed for both exterior and interior applications, the line delivers a 100-percent weatherproof and waterproof seal. It can be applied on wet and damp surfaces, offers extreme temperature use of 0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, features fast and efficient 30-minute paint and rain/water ready times, and is backed by a lifetime mold and mildew resistance guarantee. AMP is formulated with advanced hybrid technology for superior durability and powerful UV protection against color fading, discoloration and damage from harsh weather. What’s more, it meets ASTM C920 specifications, providing long-lasting flexibility to endure expansion and contraction caused by sun, heat, cold, wind and rain. It provides a strong adhesion to a wide variety of building materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, stucco, brick, masonry and more. For more information, visit dap.com.

The Original DuraRasp line of hand rasping tools

Rasp for EIFS/Stucco

Demand Products

The Original DuraRasp line of hand rasping tools are not only heavy duty and long-lasting, they are also custom-crafted. The performance of the tool is unmatched, outlasting rasp paper over 100 to 1. The product will give you long-lasting performance and effortless removal of material on EIFS, CI and insulated stucco applications. The products are manufactured in the U.S. Check out demandproducts.com to see the full collection of the rasping tools, including TigerClaw, Smoothie and Edgers.

DensElement Barrier System, with AquaKOR Technology

Barrier System

G-P Gypsum

The DensElement Barrier System, with AquaKOR Technology, integrates the gypsum core and the fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water, but allows vapor to pass through. The system eliminates the need for building wrap, fluid-applied membranes, or peel-and-stick membranes. It’s faster to install and can be installed when it’s wet outside, saving time and labor. The all-in-one product is finished with DensDefy Liquid Flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations, and transitions. The system is ABAA listed and WRB-AB approved and has a customized MasterSpec specification –061656 Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board. For more information, visit denselement.com.


Insulated Partition Wall Assembly

Huntsman Building Solutions

The W-Wall is a wall assembly design solution for partition walls between attached apartment and townhome units. The product is the first 2-hour fire-rated, load bearing wall assembly design tested and approved for use with open-cell spray foam insulation. Most of the company’s open-cell spray foams have been certified for use with W-Wall, which also provides soundproofing and energy efficiency benefits. Use of the assembly design solves blower door issues and meaningfully reduces construction and labor costs. W-Wall is assembled at the construction site by framers and/or spray foam contractors. For more information, visit huntsmanbuilds.com.

SuperiorShield Building Solutions

Air and Water Barrier Systems

Master Wall Inc.

The SuperiorShield Building Solutions are a single-source system for air and water protection for your buildings. The products are designed to work seamlessly with one another as part of a comprehensive air and water protection strategy. These fluid-applied air and water barrier systems offer extremely low air leakage ratings with water holdout. The centerpiece of this application is the Rollershield fluid-applied product that easily covers 100 percent of the surface area for complete building protection. Products include moisture-curing liquid flashing, roll/spray grade, trowel grade and high build. For more information, visit masterwall.com/superiorshield.

RAYCORE SIPs patented wall panels and roof panels

High-density Closed-cell Foam SIPs


RAYCORE SIPs patented wall panels and roof panels are not a sandwich panel, relying on OSB and glue adhesive to provide the structure of your home. For code purposes, these SIPs—with integrated studs—are considered conventional framing and fall under the provisions of the IRC Section 6, when applicable to wall framing. The panels feature:

  • Studs: century-old tried and true framing materials
  • High-tech Materials: Custom blended closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation
  • Foil radiant barrier

For more information, visit raycore.com.

The DS534-AC is an all-in-one kit that includes a collated screw attachment, as well as a 4,000-RPM driver that makes short work of drywall installation.

Modular Auto-feed Screw System


The DS534-AC is an all-in-one kit that includes a collated screw attachment, as well as a 4,000-RPM driver that makes short work of drywall installation. The drywall driver can be used by itself to drive bulk screws. For higher volume and productivity, the auto-feed system can be attached directly to the front of the driver, allowing users to feed 1- to 3-inch belt-collated screws automatically. Finally, a 3-foot extension pole allows users to access hard-to-reach areas with less strain. Attachments are available for select tools. All kits include a collated attachment, extension pole, power grip handle, three drive bits, and all necessary adaptors. For more information, visit senco.com.

The Spectra Precision LT52G

Combination Laser Tool

Spectra Precision

The Spectra Precision LT52G is an automatic self-leveling laser with high-visibility green beams, designed for use in a wide variety of interior construction applications. Combining two in-demand construction tools into a single solution, the LT52G is both a 5-beam laser pointer and a horizontal and vertical crossline laser. It comes equipped with a full range of mounting accessories in a hard carrying case. This combination green beam laser tool reduces the initial investment for a contractor working multiple tasks such as wall layout, horizontal and vertical leveling, and 90 degree squaring. For more information, visit spectralasers.com.

StoVentec Complete Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen System

Sto Corp.

StoVentec Complete Rainscreen Systems in Glass, Render and Masonry Veneer deliver a seamless air and water-resistive barrier, adjustable sub-construction, continuous insulation, and multiple cladding options. Glass combines proven performance and durability with a wide range of color options and the design flexibility for shapes, patterns, and printed imagery. Render are field installed and flexible, making it simple to achieve unique architectural shapes, including seam-free curved surfaces, not to mention the endless texture and color options. Masonry Veneer offers a classic look with advanced performance, faster and easier install at just a fraction of the weight. For more information, visit stocorp.com/stoventec

Tru-Weep is a complete line of stucco accessories

Rainscreen/Stucco Accessories

Stockton Products

The company’s Tru-Weep is a complete line of stucco accessories designed to accommodate drainage mats within stucco assemblies. This product line maximizes drainage and ventilation by aligning the open-air slots with the drainage mat. This product line also prevents the weep holes from clogging with stucco because the slots are located directly under the drainage mat. All nine profiles are fully customizable to ensure the proper ground size and flashing leg requirements are accommodated. Tru-Weep is manufactured in G-90, aluminum, stainless steel, or bonderized (paint-ready). For more information, visit stocktonproducts.com.

The VersaDry Track System

Drywall Track System

Telling Industries

The VersaDry Track System allows drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf, mitigating moisture and mold issues while also preventing baseboard gypsum damage during construction and for the life of the building. Its fire-rated designs eliminate the need for caulk, resulting in a cost and labor savings. All VersaDry products offer improved track acoustical performance. The track is currently available in 1- or 2-piece designs with single or double-sided options that can accommodate 1 or 2 pieces of gypsum per side. For more information, please visit buildstrong.com.

TYPAR Drainable Wrap

Drainable Wraps


Thanks to an integrated layer of randomly oriented fibers, TYPAR Drainable Wrap has an effective drainage gap that gives it the ability to shed excess moisture faster than conventional housewraps. With this wrap, builders get the industry-leading performance of building wraps with an integrated solution to manage bulk water that gets behind cladding. No other product brings together that capability with the exceptional tear strength, holdout, and breathability building wrap is known for. It is ready to go to work right alongside the manufacturer’s full line-up of high-performance flashings, tapes, and accessories to protect against the elements. For more information, visit typar.com

PanelShield SA

Air & WRB


VaproShield’s newest product innovation—PanelShield SA—is a complete air and weather resistive barrier system. The product was recently installed over all the walls and rough openings protecting the structure and simultaneously aiding in drying-in the residence, allowing work to continue. The product was designed with durability in mind, 12 months of UV and climate exposure, plus a proprietary aggressive adhesive solved a frustrating problem for the contractor. For more information, visit VaproShield.com.