Firestop Watertight Spray


3M Fire Barrier Watertight Spray acts as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission, while helping control the spread of fire, heat and smoke. The product is a moisture-curing hybrid siliconized polymer that forms a tough coating, making it an excellent choice for the treatment of large areas that require both fire protection and a watertight seal. Building contractors can use the company’s spray to seal off perimeter joints and floor-to-floor or floor-to-wall construction joints. The spray provides uniform results under varying conditions and is freeze/thaw-resistant. Its elastic material maintains performance across a broad range of applications with up to ±10 percent movement capabilities. For more information, visit


Click-And-Go Soffits

Armstrong World Industries

The SimpleSoffit Drywall Framing System is a pre-fabricated solution that will save time and labor right out of the box. Main beams are factory notched to your project dimensions and form perfect angles with just a click. Lose the jig and eliminate on-site fabrication time saving time and labor on every job. Learn more about the efficiencies of pre-engineered drywall framing solutions at


Exterior Plastering Trowel

BEROXpert North America

BeroRasp is the perfect way to smooth the EPS walls perfectly flat without clogging the plate and gouging the wall. Its very lightweight plate is changeable when it becomes dull. No more heavy wavy plates. The replacement time is less than a minute, no more messy glue. The product comes in 11 inch by 5 inch and the massive 16 inch by 7 inch for those big open walls. An exclusive inside corner rasp takes the work out of smooth, level and plumb corners. The company’s tools are made with the professional in mind. Exclusively from dealers and distributors in North America.


Drywall Grid System

CertainTeed Architectural

The QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System, featuring the new support clip, enables quicker installations and lower labor costs. With the longest unsupported spans in the industry, QuickSpan reduces the number of hangar wires required, features locking cross tees, and enables simple layout with premeasured tabs. The product is a suspension system accessory designed for loadbearing support. It allows for longer and stronger spans with fewer wires. Simply slide, snap and fasten it in place to support spans up to 16 feet. That means fewer installers can install more square footage in less time. For more information, visit


Curtainwall Attachment Clip

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Drift FastClip Slide Clip is available in both 14 and 12 gauge. The product attaches exterior curtainwall studs to the building structure, while allowing for both vertical and lateral movement. The screws are included with each clip for attachment to the wall studs. The deflection clips include the company’s proprietary FastClip fastener that has been specifically designed to provide friction-free deflection. These fasteners eliminate drag, binding or resistance that can often occur with common fasteners. It meets ASTM A653 and ASTM A1003 standards. For more information, visit


Drywall Repair Patches


The company’s Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patches make completing repairs fast and easy—in a specially formulated all-in-one drywall repair solution that requires no spackling, sanding or additional tools for a completely mess-free repair. For easy application, just patch and paint immediately that allows projects to be finished in minutes. The product come in 2, 4 and 6 inches. For more information, visit and enter code “TrySet21.”


Orbital Drywall Sander

Festool USA

The Planex LHS 2 225 Drywall Sander features a LED light ring that ensures detailed visibility of the sanding path and the sander enables the user to see any unevenness on the surface during sanding. Because this on-board illumination immediately highlights surface irregularities, it also reduces the time needed to fix any problems, helping end-users achieve a better finished product in less time. The product uses a random orbit sanding motion to eliminate grooves and to ensure a flawless finish. The adjustable suction power on the lightweight tool, which keeps the tool snug with the work surface—helps to reduce the workload placed on the user’s arms and back. The tool connects to the CT 36 E AC dust extractor to create a nearly dust-free sanding solution. To also combat dust, Festool has unveiled a new version of the high-quality Granat abrasive. A new hole pattern allows for even better dust extraction when used with any of the Festool drywall sanders. For more information, visit

Liquid-flashing for Gypsum Sheathing

G-P Gypsum

DensDefy Accessories is comprised of liquid flashing and a transition membrane primarily used in the DensElement Barrier System. DensDefy Liquid Flashing is a flexible, liquid flashing membrane that seals and protects against water intrusion for transitions between substrates (at rough openings, penetrations, joints, sheathing fasteners, and seams) and unwanted air movement in new or existing wall assemblies as part of the barrier system. DensDefy Transition Membrane is a flexible, self-adhering membrane used to maintain continuity of the above-grade water-resistant barrier and air barrier at complicated transition areas of the barrier system. Complete information may be found at


Brushless Cordless Drywall Gun


The SD 5000-A22 has been optimized with a brushless motor allowing for increased setting speeds while maintaining market leading torque. It’s fully compatible with all the company’s 22-volt battery platform. Additionally, it’s more than a half pound lighter and has an added an LED light. Combine the drywall screwdriver with the collated screw magazine, the tool is a premium lightweight system for hanging drywall fast. Its applications/advantages include:

  • Brushless motor: virtually maintenance-free to minimize tool downtime;
  • Upgraded ergonomics: 0.7 pounds lighter than the first-generation, with a well-balanced design that sits firmly in the user’s grip;
  • Bright LED provides direct illumination of the work surface;
  • Built for precise control: redesigned switch and electronic brake help you balance faster progress with consistent results.

For more information, visit

Fire Retardant & Fire-Resistant Coating


IFTI DC360 is a high- performance low VOC, water-based, thin-film intumescent fire retardant and fire-resistant coating. DC360 has been tested to provide fire-ratings meeting IBC/IRC Building Codes for fire resistance and meets ASTME84 and UL723 Flame Spread and Smoke ratings as a Class A coating. DC360 has been tested for use on many substrates including: wood, OSB, plywood, gypsum and more. The product is used to increase fire resistance on floor and ceiling assemblies, wall assemblies, roof-ceiling assemblies, and individual structural members. It can be applied to combustible materials in attic spaces to meet ignition resistant material thus allowing the elimination of costly sprinkler systems in many applications. Visit to learn more.



iQ Power Tools

Dust, dirt and debris disappear with the company’s cyclonic dust extractor. Engineered to meet OSHA’s silica dust requirements, the product captures over 99 percent of dust before it reaches the filter via its 4-stage cyclonic HEPA filtration system. This innovative cyclonic process gives the powerful iQ426HEPA 190 CFM of suction power, making it the most efficient dust extractor in its class. Includes iQ steel Cart, 14’ hose, 10-gallon dust tub, water-lift up to 100 inches and multiple accessories. And, it weighs only 60 pounds. From fine saw dust to heavy gravel, the 190CFM iQ426HEPA protects workers...while keeping the filter clean! For more information visit


Formaldehyde-free Noncombustible Batts

Johns Manville

The Formaldehyde-free Cavity-SHIELD fiberglass batts are noncombustible insulation for use in multi-family construction in the concealed spaces between floors. The line offers NFPA 13-compliant, passive fire protection in horizontal floor-ceiling cavities, eliminating the need for sprinklers in the concealed spaces. The batts are available unfaced in a range of thicknesses, offering an easily installed, cost-effective, durable solution. For more information visit


Work Boot

KEEN Utility

Featuring the company’s FLEX technology, the ergonomically engineered system designed to offer multi-directional flexion where you need it most, the Troy makes bending, crawling, squatting, kneeling and other knee-down work up to three times easier. The boot features a lightweight LuftCell air-infused PU midsole for weightless comfort and all-day support, as well as an air-injected heel for enhanced cushioning and shock absorption that helps reduce impact on the body with every heel strike. It features a waterproof, breathable membrane that allows water vapor out without letting water in and an antimicrobial lining to help keep the boots odor-free. The Troy meets ASTM EH standards along with MARK II non-slip standards and features an oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsole. More information can be found online at


Sound Damped Gypsum Panels

PABCO Gypsum

The original sound-damped drywall, QuietRock EZ-SNAP, achieves high sound attenuation, fire and mold resistance in one panel using less space, material and labor than conventional sound reduction alternatives. The product contains a viscoelastic polymer layer that allows the gypsum layers to independently shear, resulting in less audible energy passing through the board reducing sound transmission between spaces. There is no paper or metal in the center of the panel making it easier to score, cut and install than other acoustical treatments. In just five easy steps, see how to install QuietRock EZ-SNAP in this just released installation video. For more information, visit


Construction Purchasing Software


Purchasing teams gain real-time insight into which materials are needed on each and every project while being able to effectively source materials with the best available pricing from your supply chain. Requests for quote from vendors can be conducted in a highly efficient manner and the process of issuing purchase orders and tracking delivery at the job site is effortless and auditable. Purchasing teams can now hold the field and vendors accountable, saving time, and lowering the cost of procuring materials. Field teams will spend less time chasing people to get answers as communication is significantly improved. Benefits include:

  • Reduce wasted time by an average of two hours for each material request.
  • Avoid duplicate entry and/or manually tracking with spreadsheets.
  • Improve purchasing efficiency (contractors overspend by nearly 10 percent from suppliers).

For more information, visit


Acoustic Stone Wool Panels


Rockfon North America, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, offers Rockfon Education Standard, Plus and Premium acoustic stone wool ceiling panels. Ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other learning facilities, these ceiling panels deliver value with appealing aesthetics in a variety of edge designs; lightweight, easy installation; and proven acoustic performance combined into a cost-effective solution. The company’s Education ceiling panels provide a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.90 for Premium, an NRC of 0.80 for Plus and an NRC of 0.70 for Standard. These products are fully supported with HPDs, Declare Label 2.0 Red List Approved documentation and a 30-year warranty. For more information, visit


Cordless Auto-feed Screw Gun


The company’s DuraSpin auto-feed screw systems have been re-engineered with features specifically designed to improve user productivity and consistency while eliminating jams and misfires. The products are designed with specific applications in mind. The latest generation share the following:

Brushless Motor: The motors are smaller, produce less heat and provide better performance and less wear and tear on internal components over time.

Removable Feed System for Reversing or Finishing Screws: The entire front end of the models comes off in a click to remove or finish proud screws.

Smaller and Lighter: The tools are lighter allowing the use of a higher capacity battery without impacting overall weight and ease of use.

Latest Li-Ion Battery Technology: Cordless models now come with the latest technology. A slim-pack provides more than twice the number of drives per charge of previous models in the same size packet.

For more information, visit


Scratch & Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco


The Scratch & Brown Fiber Reinforced Stucco is a custom blend of cementitious materials, additives, aggregates and alkali resistant fibers meeting ASTM C 926 requirements. The special sand gradation used provides excellent workability and finishing properties for the applicator as well as increases the flexural strength of the wall while reducing cracking and crazing common with traditional field-mixed stucco. The final wall system will produce a non-load bearing, aesthetically pleasing exterior veneer or interior finish on concrete or masonry walls, stud walls or metal buildings. For more information, visit


Glass Rainscreen System

Sto Corp.

StoVentec Glass Rainscreen system combines proven hygrothermal performance with the beauty and allure of glass. Taken together, the solution provides superior weather tightness, thermal performance, fire protection and the kind of compelling aesthetic designers seek. The StoVentec Glass Panel is made of opaque back-painted or back-printed glass that is permanently bonded to a proprietary carrier board. The prefabricated glass facade panels are manufactured to order in custom sizes and a range of colors for a unique look that is engineered to turn heads, while being fast and simple to install on the job site. For more information, visit


Track System

Telling Ind.

VersaDry Track System is a metal framing product that protects walls from water damage while saving labor time and cost by eliminating the need for fire and acoustical caulking. The product’s design protects walls by allowing drywall to sit 2 inches off the floor on a steel shelf. This shelf mitigates the wicking of water both during construction and for the life of the building. It boasts an elegant fit and finished appearance, helps reduce mold growth, has improved acoustical performance, fire resistance, and prevents baseboard damage from floor cleaning equipment. For more information, visit


Interior Laser

Trimble Inc./Spectra Precision Lasers

The LT56 and LT58G interior lasers are red and green beam lasers with 3 x 360° planes of coverage. The horizontal plane is optimal for ceiling work. For alignment, plumb, and square layout, the two vertical planes are spaced 90⁰ apart. Packages are available with the M156 fine adjustment floor trivet. The trivet is ideal for quickly aligning a second point at distance for the layout of walls, lines, 90 degree layout and other interior alignment tasks. The lasers are shipped with a compact carrying case along with all its standard components, including the adjustable ceiling mount. For more information , visit

Vapor Permeable Air Barriers


RainScreen SA and PanelShield SA products are vapor permeable air barrier water resistive membranes featuring the company’s adhesive, even sticking to OSB. RainScreen SA, with a factory installed 3/7mm rainscreen drainage matrix, offers contractors time-saving convenience of a single step installation process especially useful behind stucco applications. PanelShield SA is optimized for the growing panelization and modular market. It is designed to withstand rigorous factory handling and cross-country transport. The membranes can be exposed from six to 12 months, making them ideal for today’s unpredictable construction schedules. Visit for more information.