Tubelite Inc. introduced its 950SG Series Therml=Block Window Wall system. The four-side, structural sealant glazed window wall provides a thermally broken, aluminum framing solution for between-slab horizontal spans on commercial buildings. The system’s dual-strut ultra-thermal barrier contributes to high-performance, energy-efficient building envelopes.

“For the look of curtainwall with the economy of slab-to-slab framing in mid- to high-rise commercial buildings, our new 950SG thermal window wall saves installation time and labor, while meeting more stringent model energy codes and supporting LEED certification,” said Steve Gille, Tubelite’s pre-construction services manager.

“Saving labor on the job site, our new 950SG thermal window wall is installed entirely from the building’s interior,” he continued. “Our streamlined system is designed with fewer parts and steps and less installation time in the field.”

Tubelite 950SG Series Therml=Block Window Wall Picture 2

Photo courtesy of Tubelite

A vertical, extruded silicone gasket eliminates the need for an exterior-applied wet seal, and a single-piece anti-buckling clip simplifies installation. Tubelite’s new 950SG Series 2 1/4-inch-wide thermal framing has a system depth of 6 inches. Extrusion and brake metal options are offered for integrated slab edge covers. Three sill variations are available: as 3 1/4-inch standard, 2 1/4-inch low-profile and SSG with no exposed metal.

Tubelite’s 950SG Series thermal window wall with SSG sill achieves up to a U-factor of 0.33 for thermal transmittance, per NFRC 102, and a frame condensation resistance factor of 82, per AAMA 1503. The system also has been successfully tested to meet industry standards for acoustic, air, water and structural performance.

Photo courtesy of Tubelite

“For a complete high-performance framing package, our new 950SG Window Wall easily pairs with other Therml=Block products, including our TerraPorte terrace doors,” Gille added. “Even in extreme cold climates, our Therml=Block products deliver superior energy and condensation resistance performance while providing structural integrity, design creativity and sustainability.”

Tubelite further supports building teams’ environmental goals and product selection with material transparency and documentation. The aluminum used to produce Tubelite’s 950SG Series window wall framing can be extruded using EcoLuminum, an aluminum billet composition with a high recycled content. The aluminum is finished in a choice of high-performance standard anodized or paint finishes. Specialty finishes, custom colors and dual finishes also may be specified.

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