Wright announced the winners of its service and achievement awards. The service and achievement awards are designed to reward and recognize those employees for their years of service.

Every year, Wright commemorates the employees for their years of service on Nov. 30. This date holds a special place in Wright’s heart, as it was the start date of Pat Taylor, Wright’s former executive vice president. Taylor, who had a 56-year career and retired in 2019, passed away on Nov. 14, 2021.

This year’s service and achievement awards celebrated four years of awards due to COVID and highlighted 53 employees, including CEO Terry Taylor’s 50 years of service. Wright paid tribute to 22 employees celebrating five years of service, 17 employees celebrating 10 years of service, eight employees celebrating 15 years of service, three employees celebrating 20 years of service, two employees celebrating 35 years of service and one employee celebrating 50 years of service (Terry Taylor).

Wright Service And Achievement Awards Ceremony

Photo courtesy of Wright

Wright partnered with SNAPPY, which allows employees to go online and choose a gift as appreciation of their service and loyalty to Wright.

The employees who were honored are:

  • Abigail Vieth
  • Al Ryding
  • Alex Bowman
  • Alphonso Samano
  • Andrea Anderson
  • Andrew Yeager
  • April Lowmaster
  • Beverly Brock
  • Beverly Eppinger
  • Brandon Wright
  • David Knight
  • David Sisson
  • Debra Stallings
  • Diane Brumfield
  • Donald Cross
  • Donald Fortney II
  • Douglas Engstrom
  • Dustin Beliles
  • Eric Brown
  • Eric Hollenbeck
  • Gary Carmichael
  • Jacob Spillman
  • James Lutz
  • James Waszkiewicz
  • Jamie Firth
  • Jason Phillips
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Jeremiah Cutlip
  • John Neal
  • Jonathan Musgrave
  • Lee Burnett
  • Lisa Wiley
  • Lori Hollo
  • Margie Morris
  • Michael Lindsay
  • Nancy Melcher
  • Patricia Raber
  • Peter Molitoris
  • Ricardo Deanda
  • RJ Johnson
  • Robbie Hooks
  • Robert Buchanan
  • Robert Buchanan Jr.
  • Robert Cathey
  • Roger Smith
  • Roscoe Craddock
  • Samuel Eblen
  • Steve Oswald
  • Terry Taylor
  • Thomas Tyson
  • Timothy Phillips Jr.
  • Troy Snipe
  • Walter Powers

Photo courtesy of Wright

“At Wright, our company culture focuses on our employees to take pride in their careers,” said Tom Futey, president and co-owner at Wright. “Here, every employee’s contribution matters and is recognized. Without our employees, Wright would not have the success we’ve had for the past 95 years.”