PRO: An ACI Center of Excellence for Advancing Concrete Industry Productivity has been launched by the American Concrete Institute. As a catalyst for solving the barriers of constructability to advance concrete construction productivity, PRO will collaborate with designers, materials suppliers and contractors to identify and resolve issues that negatively impact productivity in concrete construction.

Located at ACI Headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the Center aims to optimize labor and time against materials by improving structural design and construction processes through a collaborative approach with designers, material suppliers, builders and industry stakeholders. Initial areas of focus for PRO include industry collaboration efforts, identification of productivity obstacles and solutions, constructable design resources, automation, technology validation, interaction with ACI committees and more. Managed by ACI, the Center will draw from the Institute’s technical and administrative support services, with funding provided by sponsors.

“The concrete contractor’s input on design details, specifications and material criteria that embraces the construction process is long overdue,” said Phil Diekemper, Executive Director at PRO. “Improving construction productivity through concrete design is the key to unlocking project value. I’m very excited to participate as the industry collaborates with a single focus to improve concrete construction productivity.”

Initial staffing for the Center comprises an Executive Director supported by ACI technical experts.

PRO and its future sponsors aim to advance new technologies and processes that improve productivity beyond historic levels. To learn more about PRO and to get involved, visit