Freestanding Laser


The Laser Cube is a handheld and freestanding laser. Its size, portability, and accuracy make it a great household item. The product features horizontal and vertical bubble vials for accurate leveling. A push pin is included for convenient and easy mounting straight into your surface. Removable adhesive strips (not included) are also a great option for mounting the laser cube. The laser has a 10-foot range with horizontal and vertical bubble vials. The product has a three-year warranty. More information can be found at


Green-beam Rotary Laser

Bosch Power Tools

The company’s 18V REVOLVE 4000 Connected Green-Beam Self-Leveling Rotary Laser (GRL4000-90CHVG). Providing users with a superior experience during a range of heavy-duty tasks, the new laser features higher visibility up to four-times brighter than traditional red beams, extended leveling range, and additional ADS settings, ideal for varied work sites. The tool offers users the additional accuracy, precision, and customization to get the job done right. The company’s goal was to design a laser that could adapt to any jobsite condition, ensuring that professionals working on projects ranging from landscaping to framing and anything in between can have the leveling flexibility they need all in one product. This new green-beam laser is setting a high bar for other tools in this sector with its 4,000-foot measurement range, Dual axis Dial-In Slope and its easy user calibration (uCAL) capabilities, allowing for advanced real-time precision adjustments while on the job. Additional information is available online at


Green Line Laser


The company has unveiled its first 20V MAX 3x360° Green Line Laser (DCLE34030G) that is compatible with the 12V and 20V MAX* battery platforms offering versatility across both battery systems. Another added benefit is the fine adjust knob, which allows for manual adjustments on the horizontal axis to position the vertical beams quickly and accurately over distance for efficiency and productivity. With an extensive working range of 100 feet, the laser provides accuracy of up to 1/8 inch at 30 feet. Incorporating DEWALT green beam diode technology, this powerful tool delivers outstanding visibility in bright conditions and on expansive jobsites. With 3x360° self-levelling lines, the laser covers the entire working area and is a multifunctional tool for applications including drywall and electrical installations, window fitting, plumbing, tiling and carpentry. The laser is designed to withstand tough jobsite environments. For more information visit


Combination Laser

Spectra Precision

The Spectra Precision LT52G is a robust, automatic self-leveling laser with high-visibility green beams, designed for use in a wide variety of interior construction applications. Combining two in-demand construction tools into a single solution, the LT52G is both a 5-beam laser pointer and a horizontal and vertical crossline laser. It comes equipped with a full range of mounting accessories in a hard carrying case. This combination green beam laser tool reduces the initial investment for a contractor working multiple tasks such as wall layout, horizontal and vertical leveling, and 90 degree squaring. For more information, visit


3-Plane Laser


The M12 Green 360° 3-Plane Laser and Green Cross Line & Plumb Points Laser provide all-day run-time and best visibility in their class. Utilizing REDLITHIUM batteries, users can get 15-plus hours of continuous run-time. The brightest green lasers offer users superior visibility up to 125 feet for long-range productivity and, additionally, achieve up to 165 feet of range with a laser detector. Setting up lasers for layout or install applications is often tedious or time consuming. For fast, versatile setup, all these lasers feature micro control adjustments that pivot on point delivering precise control and faster point to point alignment. Amplified rare earth magnets provide a secure hold and ensure the laser won’t slide on steel studs or other metal material, allowing users to setup anywhere. These lasers join the M12 Cordless System, the largest sub-compact system on the market currently made up of more than 100 solutions. For more information, visit


Self-leveling Cross Line Lasers

Empire Level

The company introduces two self-leveling lasers: A 75-foot and 125-foot green self-leveling cross line laser. With more range and more run-time, the new lasers provide users with enhanced visibility for all-day use on the jobsite. Equipped with a brighter and more powerful green laser for enhanced visibility, the levels deliver up to four times the brightness than single diode red lasers. For increased durability, all laser electronics are impact protected with a rugged rubber over-mold and locking pendulum. For easy setup, both laser levels feature tripod mounting points and rare earth magnets with best-in-class magnet strength to securely hold to metal surfaces. For more information, visit


Advanced Laser


The Micro LM-400 Advanced Laser offers quick distance readings and advanced calculations at one’s fingertips. Connect to a smartphone or tablet to overlay measurements on a photo or sketch to share with others. Its features include:

  • Clearly view measurements on the large, backlit, 4-line display.
  • Inclination angle measurement allows indirect measurements for hard to reach areas.
  • Adjust units instantly to inches, feet or meters.
  • Bluetooth connection to smartphones and tablets to view, store, and share data.
  • Android and iOS Apps to overlay measurements onto a photo or sketch.

For more information, visit