Armstrong World Industries, Inc. announced Feb. 9 that they have launched Maintenance-free Easy Elegance Plank Woodgrain White Ceilings for residential use.

Made from rigid and durable PVC plastic, these planks are the optimal solution for spaces where moisture and humidity are a concern. The PVC planks are lightweight, will not discolor and are mold-, mildew- and sag-resistant. Paired with the Armstrong Easy Up track and clip system or adhesive, installation is a breeze with this easy-to-cut material.

“The Easy Elegance Plank Woodgrain White is an answer to those looking to have the classic look of wood in spaces where traditional wood would lose integrity due to cupping or warping,” said Carlos Medina, Product Marketing Manager. “This ceiling welcomes the timeless look of wood into more spaces in a residence. Its durability, stain and humidity resistance make it the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.”

Easy Elegance Woodgrain White is a 6-inch x 48-inch tongue and groove plank that can be installed on either ceilings or walls. Planks can install directly to joists, drywall, popcorn ceilings or even over an existing 15/16-inch drop ceiling system, completely hiding the look of grid. The product is for use in interior, climate-controlled spaces.