The Insulation Contractors Association of America has released a 25C Insulation Tax Credit Online Calculator, promotional materials and educational resources.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 enhanced the 25C Tax Credit for adding insulation and air sealing. Taxpaying homeowners can now save up to $1,200 on their insulation retrofit project through a federal tax credit worth up to 30 percent of their purchase.

ICAA has developed an online instant calculator for homeowners to determine their potential tax savings for upgrading their insulation under the 25C Tax Credit. The tool will also provide the homeowner with a list of ICAA Member Contractors in their area.

ICAA also recorded a webinar about the 25C Tax Credit. ICAA Executive Director Michael Kwart and NAIMA President & CEO Curt Rich explain where the tax credit originated, what it means, how it works and answer participants’ questions.

Among the educational resources is a three-page fact sheet, which provides everything owners and employees need to know in an easy Q&A format.