Season after season of once-in-a-lifetime severe weather events spotlights the importance of the cement and concrete industry producing materials that are not only resilient and durable, but also sustainable.

Through their Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, members of the Portland Cement Association – which represents the majority of U.S. cement producers – have committed to greater sustainability and are developing cutting-edge methods to reduce emissions while continuing to deliver outstanding products. These efforts are being tracked on, a new microsite highlighting the industry’s advancements.

From powering kilns using pistachios to sending streams of captured carbon through algae bioreactors, U.S. cement manufacturers are finding innovative ways to reduce the release of carbon dioxide and continue to push the envelope on production efficiency. Often cited as one of the hardest but most important sectors to decarbonize, showcases how the cement industry is making its carbon neutrality ambitions a reality.

PCA’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality offers a pathway to cut emissions across the entire cement-concrete-construction value chain. The cement sector innovations and advancements shown in offer proof of concept that the Roadmap is effective and galvanize a coordinated, collaborative response across the entire value chain.

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