Walls & Ceilings Group Publisher Jill Bloom chats with “If Walls Could Talk” regular Trent Cotney of Adams & Reese LLC about Chat GPT. Legal expert Cotney talks about Chat GPT and what it can do.

What should contractors know about this technology? Chat GPT is a language processing tool and it’s incredibly intuitive. There are a variety of apps that use this technology. You can ask questions; you can ask it to do things. From these questions, you’ll get a response. And what is the future of this? Will it provide more good than not? It’s certainly a technology that needs to be monitored.

What’s interesting about it is how human it is, Cotney says. And it can churn out results in seconds. But where the controversy comes about are questions in regards to plagiarism, data protection, bias, infringement—all these different issues are causing concerns. 

But what should a policy look like that addresses Chat GPT and its use?

“The question is that not only if your employees are using it—which some type of company policy should be made—but it can auto-generate email or human responses.”

There are already reports of people using this but when should it be used and when not? These are the questions we should be thinking about.

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