Spray Foam Genie, the national insulation contractor said to reduce energy bills by more than 40 percent, is now looking to expand nationwide through the offering of new franchising opportunities. With 26 locations currently operating throughout the U.S., Spray Foam Genie has established itself as an emerging leader in the home services industry through its emphasis on insulating homes with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Co-founded by twin brothers Chris and Keith Ryan, Spray Foam Genie is committed to bringing year-round comfort into homes across America without compromising their ethics and values surrounding protecting the environment.

“As a society, we are entering an era in which people care what goes into their homes,” said Kevin Longe, CEO of Spray Foam Genie. “Sustainability is so important to today’s consumers and business owners. Spray Foam Genie is the future of home improvement and the future of insulation. We’re trying to facilitate insulation projects that are better for the environment and better for human beings.”

Spray Foam Genie offers the highest-quality spray foam insulation services across various states for both residential and commercial properties. As an industry leader in insulation materials and products, the brand has mastered the balance of creating and maintaining well-insulated properties while providing customers with the best services possible.

“We’ve been growing so fast because people are seeing how spray foam insulation is improving the environment both inside and out of the house,” said Chris Ryan. “We are providing insulation that has less irritants in its chemical makeup. Spray foam insulation also lasts upwards of three decades. That makes our formula and our services healthier and far more efficient than materials like fiberglass.”