JLG Industries Inc. offered a first look yesterday at the new ClearSky Smart Fleet, a next-generation Internet of Things platform for true, two-way fleet management and machine interactivity, at the Summit of the International Powered Access Federation in Berlin. This JLG system will launch in late summer/early fall 2023.

“Telematics today can only do so much,” said Ara Eckel, director of product management for JLG’s connected solutions. “ClearSky Smart Fleet reimagines what’s possible, paving the way to a new frontier for connectivity solutions in the industry. More than yet another singular piece of software, it’s built as a robust, constantly evolving IoT platform capable of delivering new functionality, new insights and new ways to run cost-effective operations.”

This generation of ClearSky is a ground-up redesign, adding innovative elements to transform the way customers work. Key features include:

  • Digitized daily processes for operational efficiencies.
  • Accurate and efficient machine location.
  • Additional equipment service capabilities.
  • Streamlined logistics with Automated Site Networks.
  • Actionable, on-demand machine and fleet insights.

According to Eckel, ClearSky Smart Fleet will be standard on most new machines produced later this year, and customers with existing JLG products can continue to use the legacy ClearSky program for their connected needs. Both platforms will be integrated into Online Express, JLG’s 24/7 e-Commerce site.

Additional details about ClearSky Smart Fleet will be coming soon. Visit smartfleet.JLG.com for the most up-to-date information.

For more information on JLG products and services, visit JLG.com.