On March 6, WEATHER GUARD introduced a new WEATHER GUARD Aluminum Safari Van Rack. It’s designed to haul more because contractors need to take a bulk of materials and ladders to the job site. The new all-purpose van rack provides the strength and durability that WEATHER GUARD is known for. Job site materials can easily be secured for the long haul with built-in innovative solutions and even assist the user with loading and unloading while protecting the vehicle during transportation.

“Our customers need best-in-class van solutions when loading and transporting equipment like extra-long materials and ladders,” said Carla Ramalho, Product Manager for WEATHER GUARD Van. “The new Safari Van Rack is ideal for storing ladders, planks, pipe and lumber and multiple trades can utilize this type of versatile solution, from general contractors to HVAC technicians to telcom professionals.”

Designed for Versatility, Strength and Durability

The new WEATHER GUARD van rack features a load assist roller bar that protects the vehicle while simplifying the loading and unloading of ladders and construction materials. It also includes adjustable ladder stops and tie-down points to enable users to easily set up the rack in the most efficient and effective configuration for their load. The lightweight, aluminum construction provides corrosion-resistant protection for harsh environments to preserve the longevity of all equipment. The WEATHER GUARD Aluminum Safari Van Rack is available in three sizes to fit long, compact and standard vehicles and can be installed in under an hour with no cutting or drilling required on the main rack. It is compatible with leading commercial full-size and compact vans sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Additional product features include:

  • Multiple tie-down points for securing loads to the rack.
  • ARMOUR Tuf white powder coat paint on both side rails.
  • Compatibility with WEATHER GUARD and other roof mounting channels.1
  • Compatible with all roof-height vans.

The new WEATHER GUARD Aluminum Safari Van Racks, including model numbers ASRL001, ASRC001 and ASRS001, are not only ideal for storing long ladders and pump jacks, but also scaffolding, electrical conduit, plumbing pipes and sheet materials like plywood and drywall. They offer a variety of accessory options for increased versatility and noise reduction measures for on-the-road comfort. The new Aluminum Safari Van Racks are now available nationwide. To learn more, visit www.weatherguard.com.

1 Mounting channels are required for assembly and sold separately.