JLG Industries, Inc. announced the accessibility of its Knowledge Base article library to rental companies and service dealers with an account in Online Express, the company’s 24/7 customer portal. Knowledge Base offers technicians the ability to search through a library of more than 400 service-related articles, by Diagnostic Trouble Code (commonly known as fault codes) or symptoms, for troubleshooting machine issues.

“All of the articles are authored by the technical experts within JLG, providing our channel partners’ technicians with highly specialized information that they don’t normally have convenient access to,” said Travis Myers, JLG’s director of customer support. “Through Knowledge Base in Online Express, JLG offers valuable, service-related content in a simple, mobile-friendly format to increase efficiencies when troubleshooting common machines issues.”

Searching by either codes or keywords, technicians can use Knowledge Base articles to diagnose possible causes, troubleshoot steps needed to resolve the issue, learn more about any special tools or parts that might be required to complete the work and review additional information that could be helpful in getting the equipment back to work.

According to Myers, JLG is constantly adding new content, including more articles, imagery to show where components are located, detailed parts drawings and schematic clips to enhance technicians’ experience within the Knowledge Base library. “All of the information shared on Knowledge Base helps make troubleshooting simpler,” Myers said. He added that JLG also collects user feedback on each article’s effectiveness and makes changes based on that insight. For example, he said, JLG provides links to frequently searched articles and helpful navigation filters to make sure technicians can find the articles they need quickly.

“Our vision for Knowledge Base is to create a global online community of service technicians and content contributors committed to driving machine uptime and decreasing total cost of ownership,” Myers concluded. “It is one more way that JLG leverages its industry expertise and leadership to provide the best possible experience with our equipment and services.”

To access Knowledge Base, rental companies and service dealers can sign into their Online Express accounts or go directly to the library through onlineexpress.jlg.com/knowledge. To register for an Online Express account, visit onlineexpress.jlg.com/user-registration.