Bridging between studs is necessary when framing a wall to prevent twisting and buckling, and conventional methods come with a certain level of frustration. In response, Flex-Ability Concepts has released Snap Lock, a new bridging bar, for an easier and faster way to snap studs into place.

Snap Lock is designed to be installed as the wall is being framed. In essence, stud spacing is accomplished by the product. The bridging bar has a starter clip that can be used in the first stud of a run. A screw at the beginning and at the end of a run are the only screws needed, no matter the length of the run. Other bridging products require clips and screws at every stud. Watch the YouTube tutorial or visit to visualize the simplicity of the install.

Snap Lock is available in 20- or 16-gauge steel and 16- or 24-inch lengths. If a different length is needed, maybe at the beginning or end of a run, the bridging bar flanges can be snipped. The product then can be folded over and screwed into place using the small pre-punched holes. Larger holes are also provided in Snap Lock to allow for other products, such as conduit, to easily pass through.

Snap Lock eliminates fishing CRC or longer bridging products through stud knockouts, which can be challenging for framers to do while hoisted high on a lift. It is strong enough to provide exceptional torsional stud restraint, even in load-bearing walls. While not necessary, the tab on the bar can be hammered into place for added strength.

“Snap Lock is a relatively simple product that eliminates the need to measure between every stud,” said Robert Widmer, director of sales and marketing at Flex-Ability Concepts. “With it, contractors have a simpler, faster and stronger way to provide bridging and to ‘snap’ studs into a layout.”

Reach out to a local product representative to find out more about Snap Lock. For more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential framing applications, visit