EcoFoil is pleased to announce the addition of Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive to its range of eco-friendly reflective insulation products. This spray adhesive represents the latest addition to EcoFoil’s product line of insulation tapes and adhesives.

Designed originally for adhering Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic panels to walls, this environmentally friendly adhesive also offers an ideal solution for a variety of radiant barrier projects, especially when traditional mechanical fasteners, such as staples and screws, are not feasible. The multi-purpose, water-based adhesive from Spray-Lock provides a convenient method for installing reflective insulation in a wide range of applications. FRP Adhesive is capable of securely bonding various materials to both porous and non-porous substrates, including drywall, plywood, metal, ceramic tile, concrete, plastic and virtually any smooth, dry and clean surface.

This high-tack product from EcoFoil effectively addresses a common concern expressed by some customers. In certain cases, mechanical fasteners like staples, screws and nails cannot be used. For instance, in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities rooms, it is crucial to avoid puncturing or damaging the SCIF barrier, which restricts the use of traditional installation methods. In such scenarios, Spray-Lock adhesive serves as an ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners.

“Our installation recommendations for products like SCIF barriers were becoming outdated in certain projects,” said Mike Staebell, senior creative strategist and business unit fanatic at EcoFoil. “We are delighted to collaborate with Spray-Lock to provide our customers with an easy-to-use and versatile solution for several applications.”

The FRP Spray Adhesive is formulated with a water-based acrylic blend that is solvent-free and contains 0.0 grams per milliliter of volatile organic compounds. Unlike other adhesives on the market, it offers immediate shear strength after tack during installation. Utilizing advanced, environmentally friendly technology, Spray-Lock uses 60 percent less product compared to traditional trowel-on adhesives. This results in increased productivity with a faster application rate while emitting zero harmful fumes. It can be used in occupied areas with minimum prep work and no offensive odors.

“This product fulfills many requirements of our eco-friendly builders, aligning perfectly with their project needs and preferences,” Staebell added. “The addition of Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive reinforces our commitment to becoming a comprehensive provider of reflective insulation products nationwide.”

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