Aero Aggregates of North America, the first vertically integrated manufacturer in North America to produce ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregates, celebrated the reopening of a section of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia, which collapsed following a gasoline tanker truck fire. Working under an expedited timeline, Aero Aggregates supplied a foamed glass aggregate that has temporarily rebuilt the collapsed section of the corridor while crews work on a permanent rebuild.

Based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Aero Aggregates’ foamed glass aggregate is produced from 99 percent recycled container glass, which has been diverted from landfills and is developed into a lightweight, gravel-like material that can be used as a backfill to support infrastructure development. The use of this material to support the I-95 rebuild project enabled teams to complete construction under an expedited timeline; a process that typically takes three to six months took only two weeks. Compared to traditional, quarried aggregates, foamed glass aggregates are approximately 85 percent lighter. Their high friction angle and excellent insulation potential have made them a go-to backfill for infrastructure projects over the last 20 years.

“As a Philadelphia-based company, we understand how vital I-95 is for the transportation of people, goods and services in the Philadelphia region and the whole East Coast,” said Archie Filshill, president and CEO of Aero Aggregates. “We’re honored that our foamed glass aggregates are playing such a significant role in the restoration of this essential transportation corridor. Our materials have a demonstrated history of safety and success in a range of essential infrastructure projects, both in the Philadelphia area and across the country, including other sections of I-95.”

Over 8,000 cubic yards of foamed glass aggregate were used to rebuild the collapsed corridor. The aggregates’ light weight ensures aging utility lines beneath I-95 are protected during the reconstruction process. The amount of foamed glass aggregate utilized for this project alone diverts approximately 6.5 million 12-ounce glass bottles from landfill.

“Our goal first and foremost is to protect and serve the people of Pennsylvania,” said Mike Carroll, PennDOT Secretary of Transportation. “The expedited rebuild of this roadway, which so many Pennsylvanians rely on, wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of Aero Aggregates. It’s a fantastic example of the ingenuity and spirit of our state and a classic example of American innovation in infrastructure.”

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