Holcim (US) and Lafarge North America Inc., U.S. businesses of LafargeHolcim Ltd, a supplier of cement, aggregates, concrete and asphalt, have announced that they have selected SafeRack to be their exclusive provider of trailer loading gangways, platforms, and safety related loaded equipment for the entire U.S. marketplace. Two months of joint diligence has resulted in a contract which will span nearly a half of a decade.  

This deal will enable SafeRack to supply all 100-plus locations of Lafarge North America Inc. and Holcim (US) in the United States with innovative, robust, and safety-focused equipment, enhancing productivity as well as employee wellbeing.

"SafeRack has clearly demonstrated that the combination of their superior products, can-do attitude and commitment to safety is the perfect match for us. We trust SafeRack to not only respond to our equipment needs, but also help us push innovation, cost control, and enhanced plant and terminal operations across the organization. We are looking forward to building on our already great relationship to make our loading facilities safer and more aligned with our company objectives," said Josh Halada, transportation safety manager at LafargeHolcim.

At the center of the deal is SafeRack's flagship product, the G4 Series Gangway and patent pending safety lock-down device. The innovative, forward-thinking design boasts the industry's longest service life and emphasizes enhanced operator ergonomics, both of which have helped SafeRack and its G4 Gangway set the gold standard for design, engineering and customer service. 

"SafeRack is thrilled to be selected as the exclusive loading gangway provider for Lafarge North America Inc. and Holcim (US)," added Jeff Reichert, president of SafeRack LLC. "We're dedicated to building on the trust that we've earned with Lafarge North America Inc. and Holcim (US) over the past five years and will strive to exceed expectations as we move forward. This will truly be a great partnership."