Houseworks Group USA introduced Hammer Fist, an innovative multi-tool capable of numerous tasks every homeowner and do-it-yourselfer needs, from hammering to measuring and opening bottles. Ideal for all ages and skill levels, the neon green Hammer Fist is ideal for every home, office, job site and car. The affordable, unique tool is available online for just $20 at and soon will be available at

Measuring 5 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 1 5/8 inches, the easy-to-use Hammer Fist is much more than a simple hammer. The multi-tool performs at least seven tasks, functioning as a non-marring mallet, 90-degree square, SAE and metric ruler, dual nail puller, bottle opener, hex driver and ball peen hammer for metalworking – even tackling difficult 45-degree angles.

The distinctively shaped multi-tool features rubber on the handle for a solid, comfortable, ergonomic grip and a steel frame all around. It weighs just 14 ounces, and the ambidextrous grip makes it ideal for everyone.

“Hammer Fist is the perfect solution to keep in your toolbox or junk drawer for anyone needing a hammer and so much more,” said Kara Hull, director of marketing for Houseworks Group USA. “It is a handy, useful multi-tool for so many people – from builder pros and DIYers to new homeowners, downsizers and college students. With multiple ambidextrous grip options available to use for hammering, it’s a great, new alternative for those with fine motor skills challenges, like with arthritis or kids looking to help with an at-home project. And you can reduce the clutter in your junk drawer or toolbox by replacing seven tools with one Hammer Fist.”

Hammer Fist was invented by Timothy Scott Stuart, the owner of Unit Bricks, Inc., who creates developmental STEM toys for kids of all ages. He found himself in a situation where he needed a hammer and all he could find was a rock. From that rock and through many iterations, he designed what is now Hammer Fist. The first versions were made of carved wood, then welded, then cast. He added many accessories and the adaptive grip that allows anyone to hold it comfortably. The product name is derived from the Hammer Fist Strike in martial arts.

“It’s more than just a hammer; it’s a tool that can be used in tight spaces where other hammers can only dream of going,” Stuart said. “The Hammer Fist is a utility tool that turns your fist into steel. It’s perfect for situations where one would have limited hammer-swing space.”

When Stuart was constructing a new restaurant in Florida, where he resides, Hammer Fist was the only hammer used on the building site.