Bon’s 2018 expanded product line of hardscape tools includes a new “Flat-Flat” Dead Blow Hammer, available in two sizes. As suggested by the name, the hammer has flat surfaces on both sides.


This Dead Blow has a shot filled steel canister that absorbs shock while maximizing impact of the blow. The canister of the hammer is welded to a rod to add to its durability and provide safety. Bon’s new hammer features a polyurethane-coated, non-slip textured grip. Landscape contractors and masons choose from two available models: a 2-1/4 pound hammer with 1-1/4” faces and a 3 pound hammer with 1-3/4” faces. Both hammers have an overall length near 13”, making them easy to maneuver when leveling and aligning concrete wall units and pavers.


These tools complement Bon’s offering of hardscape tools which include Extracting Tongs, Sand and Base Rakes, Alignment Bars, Bon’s popular Brick Buster and more.