Huntsman Building Solutions celebrated the success of HBS University, the company’s educational program for spray foam contractors and installers.

Established in January 2021, HBSU offers curricula for both brand-new and seasoned professionals, providing courses spanning building science and engineering, applicator training, applicator assistant training, sales, roofing and concrete lifting.

“With more than two-and-a-half years under our belt, we are extremely proud of the program and its role in the professional enrichment of our industry’s contractors and installers,” said Vincent Kerr, director of technical service with Huntsman Building Solutions. “HBS University is designed to [guide] contractors of all professional skill levels, whether new to the industry or simply in need of a refresher course; the interest and participation in the program continue to grow.”

HBSU courses are offered virtually, with several sessions scheduled each month. Contractors and installers may easily sign up online to participate by clicking here.

Existing courses include:

  • HBSU Building Science and Engineering Training, a one-hour course.
  • HBSU 101 Applicator Training, a two-day (14-hour) course.
  • HBSU Applicator Assistant Training, a three-hour course.
  • HBSU 201 Sales Training, a two-day (14-hour) course.
  • HBSU 301 Roofing, a two-day (14-hour) course.
  • HBSU Alt 1 Concrete Lifting.

Additionally, two new courses will debut in the fall of 2023:

  • HBSU Alt 2 Retrofit Application.
  • HBSU Applicator 101 Training in Spanish.

As a global provider of spray foam systems, HBS emphasized that it is committed to safety and best practices in installing its products.

“No matter what class is taken, these will always be two driving themes that inform the material and that contractors will walk away knowing much more about,” said Doug Brady, HBS’s chief strategy officer.

The company said more than 2,000 professionals have enrolled in the program. Additional program statistics include 620 spray foam applicators/installers tested and passed the HBSU 101 Applicator Training; 70 assistants tested and passed the HBSU Applicator Assistant Training; 70 participants tested and passed the HBSU Alt 1 Concrete Lifting Training; 250 salespeople participated in HBSU 201 Sales Training; and 50 people participated in HBSU Building Science and Engineering Training.

“Based on consistent demand, we are confident that interest in HBSU will only continue to grow,” Brady said. “And our team is proud to do our part in bettering the spray foam community and its members with the education that will help ensure product performance, safety, satisfied customers and…growth of spray polyurethane foam.”

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