Getting marketing data that you know is accurate can be difficult for small businesses. We met with Jessica Reyna of Kill Your Competition to discuss how contractors and other businesses can find easily verifiable information and make sure their revenues match with marketing results. In this episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” Jill Bloom speaks with Reyna on these marketing initiatives. 

“Especially as a contractor or even as a local business or even sometimes marketers, I’ve seen this, they don’t understand, what is a good source,” Reyna said. “How do I validate what’s true and what’s not? Because there’s millions of ways you can get ‘reporting’ and information.”

Reyna also talked about the importance of having first-party data. “As a business owner, you cannot make your business decisions asking your competitor what he thinks about your business, asking your neighbor about anything you’re doing on your website,” she said. “You have to go back to the source.”

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