The Environmental Protection Agency announced the availability of $100 million in grants from the Inflation Reduction Act to support efforts to report and reduce climate pollution linked to the manufacturing of construction materials and products, which account for 11 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. The funding — provided through the EPA’s Reducing Embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Construction Materials program — is intended to help manufacturers disclose environmental impacts across the life of a product and inform purchasers who are prioritizing lower embodied carbon construction materials.

EPA will provide grants to businesses that manufacture, remanufacture or refurbish construction materials and products for developing and verifying Environmental Product Declarations, which disclose environmental impacts across the life of a product. The EPDs generated through this program will make it easier for state and local governments — as well as other buyers — to ensure the construction projects they fund are using low-carbon construction materials.

Applications for the grant competition are due Jan. 8, but the EPA requests the submittal of an optional Notice of Intent to apply by Oct. 27 by emailing