Where Savile Row meets Park Avenue. Aston Martin proudly opened the doors to Q New York, its first ultra-luxury flagship on 450 Park Avenue in New York City.

The new location brings the highest levels of the iconic British brand’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin, to North America for the very first time, providing the most sophisticated luxury specification experience available anywhere in the world.

The first-of-its-kind landmark location forms a key pillar of Aston Martin’s ultra-luxury brand and customer experience strategy, with the commitment to provide the very best possible environment for its most discerning clients to create their own intimately personal Aston Martin.

Conscientiously designed to immerse onlookers in the thrilling world of Aston Martin, visitors on Park Avenue are greeted by a unique window installation of epic proportion named the ‘Champagne Frame.’ Created with one of the largest single panes of glass ever installed into a New York building, the grand window frame looks into the stars — Aston Martin’s most iconic models — which are carefully illuminated by an impressive, 2,100-bulb chandelier — spanning 40 meters (131 feet). Meanwhile, the use of mosaic tiles and commanding dining tables helps define the new flagship, bringing the best of British to one of the most prominent streets in the world.

The new location will serve as a showcase and launch venue for Aston Martin’s latest products, from unique special builds to limited-edition models and newcomers to Aston Martin’s breath-taking portfolio. Since July, the flagship has proudly displayed the all-new DB12 in North America for the very first time, in addition to the era-defining Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar.

Q New York offers an ultimate blend of digital and physical car configuration. As part of a custom-made appointment, clients will be able to visualize their personalized Aston Martin on a 10.5-meter (35-foot) x 3.5-meter (10-foot) LED wall capable of providing an ultra-high definition, 360-degree view of any Aston Martin in real-life size. Sitting at the intersection between the physical and digital worlds, Aston Martin’s intention is to provide such a realistic configuration that clients feel as though they could open the door to their car.

Use of the most innovative Near-Field Communication technology will facilitate a seamless, high-end customer specification service, allowing clients to combine the sensorial touch and feel of physical color and trim samples with live configuration on-screen.

A live video link from Manhattan, New York, to Aston Martin’s design studio in Gaydon, U.K., enables real-time communication with the brand’s renowned designers and the Q by Aston Martin team, providing the most bespoke and sophisticated commissioning experience available outside of a personal visit to headquarters.

Offering a concierge experience, carefully curated high-end dining and overnight travel experiences will also be available for those seeking to extend and elevate the experience of creating their own Aston Martin.

AZA Aston Martin Specification Room

Photo courtesy of Aston Martin via AZA

Q by Aston Martin represents a key pillar of Aston Martin’s ultra-luxury strategy, giving clients the ultimate sense of freedom and expression when customizing their cars. Whilst a long-standing part of Aston Martin’s DNA, this bespoke service facilitates the growing trend of personalization across the luxury goods segment.

Recent years have seen significant growth for the Q by Aston Martin division, with a record number of Aston Martin units sold with bespoke touches and elements in 2022, representing a 51 percent year-on-year increase. Notably, the Americas is the fastest-growing region for Q by Aston Martin, with 92 percent year-on-year growth in 2022.

Special and limited-edition models have supported this growth following the introduction of specific Q by Aston Martin: Collection options. These carefully selected collections are fully costed and visible on the Aston Martin configurator, acting as a significant gateway to introducing customers to the world of Q by Aston Martin and demonstrating the possibilities of this most intimate of services.

Q by Aston Martin: Commission, the very-highest level of the bespoke service, takes customers on an even more exclusive journey that involves a personal collaboration with the Aston Martin design team. This provides an unrivalled opportunity to create a truly bespoke, individual car, with customers known to invest upwards of 30 percent of the car’s original retail value to add their own mark and achieve a truly bespoke creation.

AZA Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Car at Entrance

Photo courtesy of Aston Martin via AZA

Located on one of the most prominent corners of Midtown Manhattan, Q New York unites both the handcrafted and high-tech nature of Aston Martin, showcasing the very best of British craftsmanship and engineering against the backdrop of an immersive specification experience, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

“The opening of our first flagship Q location in our largest commercial market is the latest distinct expression of Aston Martin’s shift to an ultra-luxury brand,” said Lawrence Stroll, executive chairman of Aston Martin. “It demonstrates our ambition to drive global growth and create elevated customer experiences to match our owners’ passion for Aston Martin.

“We recognize the growing trend of personalization across the luxury goods segment and see huge value in investing in our customer experience to create the best specification experiences available anywhere in the world,” Stroll added. “With a 92 percent increase in Q by Aston Martin take-up in the Americas last year, this is the perfect time and the perfect place for us to open our very first global flagship location.”

The design principles of the space are built upon quintessentially British architecture, including extensive use of mosaic tiles, chandeliers, beautifully framed grand windows, fireplaces and mantel pieces, as well as large scaling dining tables.

AZA Aston Martin DB12 Car in Specification Room

Photo courtesy of Aston Martin via AZA

Ensuring the space reflects the latest design trends befitting of 21st-century Manhattan, an extensive level of attention has been paid to adapting materials and furnishings, all of which are underlined with a conscious awareness of sustainable materials and practices, in line with Aston Martin’s Racing. Green. sustainability strategy.

“Creating wondrous places, spaces and experiences are important design statements for us,” said Marek Reichman, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Aston Martin. “And just as we belong in Formula One as British makers of ultra-luxury, high-performance sports cars, Aston Martin belongs in New York City. It’s a place where dreams come true.

“We have created Q New York as a landmark across the Atlantic where our customers can collaborate with our designers to make their own lifelong Aston Martin dreams come true,” Reichman added. “This is our version of creative performance design and precision craft at their finest – with sights and sounds, shapes and forms, and vivid colors and textured materials – all presented using the latest technology to provide customers with the engaging Aston Martin experience that they deserve.”

Q New York is now officially open at 450 Park Avenue, with appointments available to be scheduled by any Aston Martin dealer.