Central Materials’ Cesar Guzman and Alejandro Barrera recently worked on a project in Texas. The company, based in Edinburg, Texas, met with W&C in the northern Houston area over the summer to discuss this important extension to a hospital wing and more.

Guzman and Barrera both used to work for a company that manufactured brick in Mexico and retailed it in Texas, which helped them to learn the trade and meet customers and vendors.

The company has 10 years of business under its belt and is a member of the South Texas Builders Alliance and the Rio Grande Builders Association. Twenty-five employees work for the company.

“Since we started in 2013, the market in our area had steady growth until this year. We had a step back in the residential market, but we are having an increase in the commercial and multi-family markets that has been good enough to keep us busy,” Guzman says. 

Texas Continues its Construction Boom

Guzman is optimistic about the current construction climate. “It helps that this area has had a huge influx of new residents,” he says.

Being part of the construction business is the most important part of the industry for Guzman. He says the company participates in certain parts of the community’s growth.

“We are selling finishes that make the look of any job and we also try to always be up-to-date with new systems or materials available,” Guzman says.

The company has big plans for next year as well. “Looking great so far,” Barrera says. “We lost a bit in some segments but have found it in the commercial market. We hope to keep growing in the commercial market and open new stores.”

Driscoll Hospital, Children’s Wing

Project Profile: Driscoll Hospital, Children’s Wing

The new, independently operated, eight-level pediatric hospital will further the mission of Driscoll Children’s Hospital founder Clara Driscoll to provide medical care to all the children of South Texas. The building is expected to be completed in spring 2023.

In early 2019, Driscoll began discussions to expand pediatric services to the Rio Grande Valley to include inpatient acute care. From there, plans developed for a new hospital.

Driscoll has had a presence in the Rio Grande Valley for decades, with specialty centers in Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen staffed by Driscoll pediatric subspecialists and other clinical team members.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital Rio Grande Valley will operate with more than 500 employees, creating significant economic impact and new job opportunities for clinical, ancillary and support staff in the Valley and solidifying their role as an important part of the Valley’s community.

Matt Wolthoff, president of Driscoll Children’s Hospital Rio Grande Valley, is pleased with the hospital’s progress and is excited about the opportunities it will offer families in the Valley.

“The entire Rio Grande Valley is looking forward to having a comprehensive, freestanding children’s hospital here at home,” Wolthoff says. “The overwhelming support we are receiving from our community is incredibly inspiring.”

A big part of this project was the EIFS application that was involved. Central Materials teamed up with EIFS applicator Grupo Villago of McAllen, Texas, for the Children’s Wing of Driscoll Hospital.

Central Materials’ scope of the project was the outside walls, stucco and EIFS.

“Since this is an addition to the hospital, the goal of the project was to keep the same look of the old building,” says Carlos Gomez of Grupo Villago, an EIFS subcontractor and TLPCA member.

The project used 130,000 square feet of Water Master CI systems by PAREX USA, and the general contractor was Cantu Construction.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital Rio Grande Valley is scheduled to open in 2024.