After three years of closures at the Canadian borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Envirobon has reached a pivotal moment in sales. Its inside sales representative, Mike Payne, has informed the company that it will soon need to add an additional shift in manufacturing to meet the current demand of the Tstud. This is due to the growth and momentum that the Tstud is gaining in the passive world.

Envirobon’s Minnesota manufacturing facility is thriving in its new location, and the company announced a recent license sale in Seattle. Seattle will soon be producing the R19 Tstud and the WarmStud, with the possibility of forward launching the BareNaked Tstud as well.

For information on ordering, reach out to Payne at or 612-290-6199.

In its pursuit for expansion to better serve its customers, Envirobon has secured a new facility in Michigan that will manufacture the R19 Tstud and WarmStud while also stocking the BareNaked Tstud.

If you are interested in becoming a manufacturer for the Tstud, Envirobon is thrilled to share that it has finalized its drawings for the next-generation framers. These framers will be capable of producing the R19 Tstud, WarmStud, MiniTstud and the innovative RhinoStud, which is the company’s new fully insulated metal stud.

In other exciting news, Innovated Structures, Inc., where CEO Brian Iverson has placed his latest 20 construction product patents, is undergoing a transformation and rebranding as Envirobon, Inc. to align with the company’s go-public goals.

Currently, Envirobon is accepting investments from accredited investors, closing its Founders Round. In the subsequent round, the company welcomes everyone, accredited or not, to invest in its vision of a sustainable future. Head to Envirobon’s website for more information or contact Iverson at or 612-987-8011 to join the journey.

In this remarkable moment, Envirobon invites you to seize the opportunity to be part of the change.