In this episode, Anna Anderson of Art Unlimited speaks with Jill Bloom. In this recording the two discuss trade show season, where loads of contractors attend the various industry trade events throughout the U.S. and sometimes beyond. But the trade show experience can become muddled and complicated with many people to see and only so many hours in the day. Dear Anna: What is your advice and the best way to plan your trade show experience?

“I always plan this from an attendee perspective: What should they be doing?” asks Anderson. “When I look at an event, I look at it from a strategic lens. Who do I want to meet?

“Sometimes, when you get stuck in that mode, you have to meet over a meal. But you may have to settle for a coffee or snack,” says Anderson.

The two also speak of the importance of safety at the trade show—specifically for women—and how using the buddy system is always key to keep one safe in a new place.

This recording is a “must” for those attendee trade shows throughout the year and Anderson outlines some smart tips for the old and the new traveler to these events.