Sika Emseal offers expansion joint solutions to fit your structural applications with the best-performing products for both new and retrofit construction. Sika Emseal is expanding its product line to include the Wabo (Watson Bowman Acme) line of commercial expansion joint products, which are now exclusively supported and sold through Sika Emseal and its sales/distribution channels.

In assessing the many expansion joint options from the combining of the commercial product lines, there is a small number of products that are best replaced with more innovative solutions. In all cases, the replacement products provide benefits in at least one of the following ways: better performance, easier installation, increased availability and/or more competitive pricing.

The following Wabo products have been discontinued. Consult Sika Emseal for the best available replacement application solution.

  • Wabo BusTuff
  • WaboCrete Membrane ME/MM/MX
  • Wabo SiliconeSeal – Parking Series
  • WaboCrete StripSeal – Parking Series
  • Wabo SeismicSpan II
  • Wabo StripSeal – Parking Series
  • Wabo WaterTite
  • Wabo ConvexCover
  • Wabo Flash
  • Wabo UreFlex
  • Wabo CorridorWrap Ceiling - CEB System Only

The following products will be available for purchase on transportation, bridge, highway and infrastructure projects from Sika Watson Bowman Acme:

  • WaboCrete II
  • Wabo SiliconeSeal
  • Wabo StripSeal

The following products will be available on commercial building, parking, stadium and interior projects from Sika Emseal:

  • Wabo Contour II
  • Wabo SeismicFloor (FNB, FNB Stainless and FXE)

For the complete line of Sika commercial expansion joints from the product brands of Emseal and Wabo, contact your local Sika Emseal sales rep, call Emseal at (508) 836-0280 or email