Women make up 11 percent of the construction workforce, meaning there is much to be done to bring more females into the industry and support their careers. Together, we can build a stronger workforce by making sure women in the industry feel connected, valued and empowered. For this reason, FMI is offering its Emerging Managers Institute as a special training event focused on women, yet open to all. The event will take place on Oct. 8-10 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Event Details

  • Three days of immersive training
  • Over 10 management learning modules
  • Two build projects
  • About 50 limited seats

What’s Different from FMI’s Emerging Managers Institute?

  • Connection — Women connecting with other women in construction to learn from others at the same point in their careers.
  • Community — The opportunity to build a support network of like-minded peers across the construction industry to advance industry knowledge and professional development.
  • Communication — An increased focus on effective communication skills for being heardincreasing confidence and influencing others successfully.

The Speaker Lineup

  • Jillian Bowlin
  • Tracey Smith
  • Michelle Thompson
  • Jeff Coleman, PhD
  • Sarah Schaible, PhD
  • Alisa Bennett

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