All Weather Insulated Panels announced March 26 that it had named Bjoern Meyer as its new vice president of operations. Meyer comes to the position after working as a plant manager and then AWIP’s Director of Manufacturing.

AWIP said he will oversee the company’s three continuous-line production facilities nationwide, have a leadership role in AWIP’s technical department and equipment improvements, and lead the company’s divisional quality group and division chemical group.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Meyer’s primary initiative is to ensure that AWIP’s three facilities continue to be aligned through standardization of process and communication. According to Meyer, this initiative is key to achieving customer satisfaction.

“Our clear mission and goal at AWIP is to ensure that customer satisfaction remains the top priority through standardized and sustainable operations,” Meyer said. “Our customers should experience the same manufacturing quality from our [three facilities]. I’m excited to begin my new role at AWIP to continue and improve these initiatives.”

Meyer will also focus on implementing “Planet Passionate” — AWIP’s 10-year sustainability program dedicated to driving energy and carbon out of its business operations and supply chain — initiatives through waste reduction and landfill diversion programs, maximizing production efficiencies and electrifying facilities.

Before AWIP, Meyer spent a decade in various roles at a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry — most recently working as vice president of operations for the Americas, where he led operations for several facilities with approximately 1,000 employees.

“I think it’s noteworthy that Bjoern’s insights and ideas have impacted AWIP’s manufacturing operations, but also how Bjoern’s experience has helped other leaders and departments create standards that enable us to be as efficient as possible,” said Charles Schafer, AWIP Director of Marketing and Sustainability.

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