In this episode of If Walls Could TalkW&C Editor John Wyatt discusses the Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance with Aly Palmer, director of association management and attorney for Management Guidance, LLP, and director of SWACCA.

SWACCA is a national association for union wall and ceiling contractors but it also has regional affiliates, such as the Western Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association.

“[Our] goal is to further [members’] interests as union contractors, both in terms of government relations (we have a public policy team that helps out with that), labor relations (our general counsel does quite a bit of work collective bargaining – training, negotiations, that type of thing) and really just promote the industry as a whole,” Palmer says.

SWACCA will be hosting two events at the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau’s upcoming Wall and Ceiling Conference & Trade Show in Palm Springs, California – a technology summit and a contractors’ caucus.

“So, SWACCA has an Innovation and Technology Committee and [the technology summit is] kind of their prime event,” Palmer says. “It’s a really great opportunity. We get wall and ceiling contractors, technology companies and representatives from labor in a room and we talk about technology in the industry.”