Social media has become an essential part of any business’ marketing and advertising strategy, including roofing companies. Smart companies dedicate an employee or agency to maintaining it, but smarter companies know the secret to unlocking social media’s potential.

Want to be one of those smarter companies? Anna Anderson, CEO of marketing agency Art Unlimited, is here to help. In this latest episode of “Dear Anna,” the marketing expert shares how making social media a team effort can not only increase social media output, but diversify it.

“When you put that type of mindset in place as a leadership team and distribute it throughout the company and you all become aware that you play a part in a great social media strategy, then you say, ‘Now what do we do?’” Anderson says. 

Anderson provides nine different content types that contractors can consider when creating social media posts and ideas to keep in mind when they can’t think of what to create next. She says it’s good to think outside the box for content but to avoid being haphazard or random.

“It’s being strategic and saying, ‘Okay, we need to diversify and make sure our social content isn't just about what we do, but it's who we are, what we bring to the table, what makes us different. You know, there's all these different pieces. That's what makes social great,” Anderson says.

Listen to the full episode here, and be sure to check out previous “Dear Anna” episodes for additional marketing advice.